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Proud Mary Keep On Burnin'

After the commercial break, we're treated to a montage of the other kids trying and failing to navigate McKinley High's highways and byways in their second-hand wheelchairs, with Finn taking various careless backpacks, guitar cases, and baseball bats to that already-addled head of his while Rachel ends up with a plate full of cream-of-mushroom pasta surprise in her hair when a fellow student accidentally biffs her cafeteria tray up into her face. Meanwhile, over in the Home Economics lab, Quinn's prepping a tray of cupcakes for the oven when My Glorious Husband enters to kick-start Primary Conundrum Number Six for the evening, for yes, he still carries a torch for Quinn and yes, he'd still like to provide for her and her fetus, to which end he passes her the eighteen dollars remaining from his aboveground pool-cleaning service's profits after he spent the rest on "dip and numchucks." Hee. Quinn, unsurprisingly, is unimpressed with the amount, but she's forced to admit it constitutes eighteen dollars more than she's received from Finn thus far, so this round by default goes to Puck. Quinn continues to be an unpleasant bitch about everything, but as My Glorious Husband could charm the pants off a preacher, he soon has her smiling anyway, and the whole thing devolves into an admittedly cute and playful food fight, with the two cracking eggs over each others' heads and dousing each other with sugar and batter and whatnot until they come thisclose to kissing. Unfortunately for them, Frankenteen chooses this moment to lurch unbidden into the Home Ec. Room. Fortunately for them, Dim Finn seems to buy Quinn's giggly excuse that they're "just baking," and she sets to cleaning up the mess while Puck takes a quick powder to change into clean clothes. Slackjaw mouthbreathes, but that's not important right now, because we have to follow along as the camera knocks us over to...

...Burt Hummel's auto body repair shop, where we learn that Kurt somehow neglected to include his father's expected "jelly cream center" in the latest doughnut run. "What's up with your brain today?" Mr. Hummel jokingly wonders. "I think it's going soft from all that crap you put in your hair." "It's organic," Kurt sniffs, not in the mood for his father's kidding, "and I'm fine." He realizes he's being an unnecessarily prissy fool, though, and quickly confides, "It's a Glee Club thing." "It's not about a guy, is it?" Burt wonders. "'Cause I'm not ready to have that conversation." "At least you don't have to worry about me getting someone pregnant," Kurt glibly smiles, but even that minor implication of the specific mechanics of gay sex puts Mr. Hummel right off his doughnut, so Kurt cuts through the crap to lay his current conundrum on the line: "We're doing this amazing song for Sectionals -- a personal favorite of mine -- and Mr. Schuester won't give me a chance to sing it." "Why?" his instantly suspicious father asks. "It's traditionally sung by a girl," Kurt explains. "Well, you sing like a girl," Mr. Hummel shrugs before adding most sincerely -- and God love him for it -- "You know, in a good way." In any event, despite Mr. Hummel's devotion to his Springsteen collection, and despite the fact that he's admittedly not up on all of the latest cultural trends, he does remember that a girl recently joined McKinley's wrestling team, so why can't Kurt cross over in the other direction? "Her parents had to sue the school," Kurt reminds his father before sadly dropping his gaze. "This is really getting you down," Burt realizes. "I'm full of ennui," Kurt agrees. "So, it's...really getting you down?" Mr. Hummel guesses. Kurt nods, and because Burt Hummel is an awesome father despite his ongoing internal struggles regarding his strange little son's sexual orientation, he immediately...

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