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Long Live the Queens

In Sue's office, Sue hands Becky some tissues and tells her that a good cry is a good thing. Becky tells her that it hurts because she really liked him, and Sue points out that they both got dumped this week. So Sue thinks they should pull out some ice cream and watch "Lifetime Television for Ovaries" until Beaches comes on. And then Sue takes Becky's hand and tells her they'll get through it together. Good lord, I think I've developed an allergy to Sue's office.

Stage. Finn is looking at a picture of his father when Rachel walks up. She points out that he has his father's eyes, and his mouth a little bit. Finn tells her about how he would stare at his father's picture when he was a kid and convince himself that they were twins. She asks if he wanted to meet her to talk about his dad, and he tells her he wanted to talk about them. He reminds her of the picnic she put together for their first date. She remembers, and tells him she's never understood why he left so suddenly. I guess he never told her about the mailman.

He blames it on nerves, and points out that he's nervous at that very moment. He tells her he wants to talk to her about something, but only if she promises to shut her cake hole and not say a word until he's done. He tells her that he used to worry about whether he would become the man his father wanted him to be, and now he worries that he'll become the man his father actually was. He thinks the only thing that he's really got going for him in his life is Rachel. He thinks that if he can convince her to let him keep loving her, everything will be okay. And then he pulls out a ring and asks her to marry him. Holy crap.

LTG lives in Boston, where he's a full-time pension and insurance attorney, and a part-time star of the Aquacade. You can reach him at

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