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Long Live the Queens

Becky follows Sue into her office. Sue asks what happened to the guy she took to the prom, and Becky tells her that she likes hot dogs, while he was a pizza man. She's right, mixed marriages never work. In any case, Becky likes Artie, and she wants Sue's advice on what to do. Sue tells her that she could ask him on a date, since the worst that will happen is that he'll say no. But she thinks Becky could do better than Artie.

Teacher's lounge. Emma asks Coach Beiste if she can sit at her table, and notes that it's a two-chicken day. It turns out those are celebration chickens, because the Panther eloped with Cooter. Sue passes by just in time to overhear that announcement, and she sits at their table with a shocked look on her face. It all happened when Coach Beiste got up the nerve to tell Cooter that she thought he was her soulmate while they were eating a traditional Christmas Eve feast at Taco Bell. Sue takes a second to take it all in, and then takes the high road, telling the coach, "Well, Michael Chiklis in a wig, I would like to offer my congratulations. I've been bested. I guess it's time to call Boreanaz."

Coach Beiste notices a sad look on Emma's face, and asks her what the problem is. Emma apologizes for raining on the Panther's big news, and then says that she's worried that Will doesn't want to marry her. Sue: "Oh, for God's sake, Amelia, it's twenty-twelve. If you want to marry Will Schuester, ask him." And then Emma breaks out into what is clearly a fantasy of singing the 5th Dimension's "Wedding Bell Blues," with Sue and the Panther as backup. We see various moments of their domestic life together, and then Emma walking down the school hallway in a wedding dress, with the two coaches trailing her in Princess Beatrice and Eugenie hats. The song finishes with Emma and Will, in wedding gown and tux, dancing on top of a giant wedding cake on stage in the auditorium. And then we snap back to reality, where Emma is standing in front of Will in the teacher's lounge and he's wondering if she just asked him to marry her. Emma realizes the words in her head were coming out of her mouth, and she runs off in a panic. Will experiences the unexpected feeling of an idea blooming forth in his head, and he starts to smile.

Cut to the music room. Will runs in and asks Finn for a drum roll. Will writes the words "Marry me" on the whiteboard, and tells the assembled kids that he's going to propose to Emma. And he wants them to do the hard work of his relationship by thinking of songs that would serve as a great setting to a proposal. Okay, I guess that's not really the hard work of a relationship. But he's still a slacker for putting it off on the kids. Anyway, he tells the kids that this is the kind of news you share with family, and he thinks of them as his family. That's nice, and also a little bit sad.

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