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Long Live the Queens

In hall, a still damp Sam tells Finn that he just joined the synchronized swim team. Finn tells him to keep it down, since combining glee club and synchro kind of invites a massive amount of mockery at McKinley. Sam doesn't care, because he'll get his letterman's jacket. And then a couple of hockey jocks deliver a synchronized slushying to Sam's face. Mercedes sees, and walks over to Sam with concern on her face. She starts to wipe the ice off his face when Shane calls over and asks her what's going on. She tells him that she's helping a friend, but Shane thinks Sam will pull through, and offers (in a kind of demanding way) to walk Mercedes to her next class.

Auditorium. Artie tells Will that he's sure the girls will try to "neuter" him by suggesting he use a romantic song for the proposal. But Artie thinks he should subvert expectations and lead with his hips. By which, Artie means show off his sexy dance moves to make Emma swoon. And then Artie launches into a mash-up of Maroon 5's "Moves Like Jagger" and the Rolling Stones' "Jumping Jack Flash," while Will and Mike Chang dance and Blaine, Puck and Finn sing backup. After they finish, Will tells them it's a great choice, but he's worried that the dancing will lead to sweating, which will lead to Emma freaking out. He leaves, and Mike Chang goes with him, much to Artie's dismay.

Why is Artie dismayed? Because Becky has been in the audience watching the performance, and now she's walking up to him on the stage. She tells him it was awesome, and a "great Part One." Artie wonders what she means by "Part One," since he thought that was the entire date (which he must have said yes to during a commercial break). But Becky's no fool. She knows what a date is, and on this show, it's always dinner at Breadstix. So that's where she's going to go with Artie.

Hey, it's the jewelry store set in which Santana sang "Santa Baby," in a scene that was unfortunately cut from the last episode and every trace of which has been deleted from the web. This time, Will and Finn are there while Will shops for an engagement ring. There's some blather about how Finn is generally not smart and how Will doesn't want to fail at marriage like he did last time. And then Will asks Finn to be his best man. He has really got to get some grown-up friends. Especially when he tells Finn "You've taught me more about being a man than anyone I've ever known." That is so sad. Finn accepts. And then he tells Will that he's thinking of joining the army. Because he wants to do something special, "like my dad, but without the whole dying part." Commercials.

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