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Long Live the Queens

Will's office. Rachel, Mercedes, Santana and Tina are there to get some info so they can plan the right proposal. Will points out that he has proposed before. Santana: "Oh yeah, how did that marriage work out for you. I mean, what was your big move then, a jumbotron that said 'Hey Terri, I want to make a fake baby with you'?" Mercedes interrupts the heckling to ask about the first they met. Cut sideways to Will walking past Emma as she puts her nameplate on her door. He welcomes her to the school, and then they give each other a look as he walks away. Back in his office, Will tells the girls, "I'll never forget how I felt the first time I saw her." That gives Rachel the perfect idea.

Auditorium. The four girls from the previous scene are on stage, each in a little black dress, sitting on a stool. And they sing "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face." Each of them sings in turn, and as she sings, you get images of her thinking of her beloved. Rachel thinks of Finn, Tina thinks of Mike Chang, Santana thinks of Brittany, and Mercedes thinks of Sam. Because, duh, Sam's a total hottie and Shane's a total tool. As they finish, Will claps, and Mercedes, in tears, walks off the stage and into the bathroom.

The girls follow her to ask her what's wrong, and she tells them she's upset because the first person she thought of while singing was Sam, not Shane. She thought it was over with Sam, but not she's not sure. Rachel tells her to take it slow and listen to her heart.

The Schuester living room. Emma's horrible, horrible parents are there. Mrs. Pillsbury can't believe the Christmas tree is still up in the middle of January. Mr. Pillsbury tells her, "Just be glad Comrade Obama still allows Christmas." Will brings them some tea, and Mrs. Pillsbury asks if he's certain it's decaf chamomile. Is there any other kind? Mr. Pillsbury says that he's confused. No, not by modern life in a multicultural secular society (although he's confused by that, too), but because they're there and Emma's not. Will refrains from snapping at Mrs. Pillsbury when she calls Emma "Freaky Deaky," and also when she insists the tea isn't decaf, and he cuts right to the chase (presumably so he can get them out of his house as quickly as possible). He acknowledges that they don't like him, but tells them that he wants to marry Emma, and that it would mean a lot to her if they gave their blessing. And they tell him "no." Because they think Emma is too messed up to deal with the messiness of married life, with or without children. Oh, Will, why do I think you're stupid enough to listen to these people?

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