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Long Live the Queens

Music room. The kids have called Artie there to stage a Becky-vention. He was seen with Becky at Breadstix, and they're trying to figure out what's going on. He tells them it's as simple as Becky asking him if he wanted to have dinner at Breadstix and him saying yes. Flashback to the night in question. Artie asks Becky what her favorite movie is. It's Schindler's List, with Toy Story 3 a close second. He asks what she wants to be when she grows up, and she tells him "five foot ten." Artie tells her he's really glad he's getting the chance to know her, because she's pretty cool. She tells him he should see her dance moves.

Back in the music room, Rachel tells Artie that they all think it's great he's being so nice to Becky. Santana interrupts: "I don't. I know that girl. That girl's a sly, conniving bitch." Mercedes and Finn warn Artie about the dangers of leading Becky on, and he calls them out on being narrow-minded jerks. "I like spending time with Becky. She knows what it's like to be trapped by a disability. She doesn't care what people think about her. She's really optimistic about life, which is really amazing considering what life has handed her." And then he indignantly wheels himself out of the room.

And now it's time for the gut-wrenching scene of the week. Finn walks into Will's classroom and is surprised to find Burt and Carole there (along with Will and Emma). Burt tells him that Will ratted him out on his plans to join the military. Finn's not thrilled that Will broke his confidence, but he's not too upset, since he was planning on telling his mother and step-father about his plans before long. Burt tells him that his plan had been for Finn to help run the garage while Burt is in Washington. Finn points out that he's not enlisting tomorrow, but that he feels an obligation to live up to the example of his father, who was a war hero.

And then Carole breaks it to Finn that while his father was brave and true, he didn't die in Iraq. He served there, but he died in Cincinnati. "I don't know if he did something or saw something or just lost his way, but he broke." He was dishonorably discharged due to a drug problem. He tried to get over it, mostly for Finn's sake, but he failed, and eventually overdosed. Finn is naturally devastated, and Burt tells him to try to take it in slowly. Carole tells Finn, "I see everything that was good in him, I see it all in you." Finn's furious that his mother lied to him for his entire life. She says that she was going to tell him when he was ready. Finn: "How ready? I mean, how do you think I could ever be ready for something like that?" He storms out. Great work from Romy Rosemont in that scene. Commercials.

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