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Long Live the Queens

Will creepily watches Emma scrub a coffee pot through a glass wall. And then he runs into Sam in the hallway, who tells him he has an idea for how to make the proposal big and special and worthy of Emma. Commercials.

Emma's in her office putting out some new brochures ("Dying Alone," "Never Happily After," and "So You're a Spinster") when Will walks in and asks for a few minutes of her time. He leads her out into the hallway, where students start handing her white roses. As do Coach Beiste and Sue. She's got a dozen by the time she arrives at the pool, where the glee club and the Guppies are dancing around the edge of the pool while Rachel and Santana sing Rihanna's "We Found Love."

After a bit of singing, everyone jumps into the pool. Including Artie, who just wheels himself to the edge and throws himself in. Will puts Emma into a chair by the side of the pool and wanders off. Everybody except Rachel and Santana are in the water. They're all dressed in slightly old-timey bathing costumes, and are doing a very Esther Williams/Busby Berkeley number. It's not actually a whole choreographed number, but lots of cuts of various bits of movement and arrangements of human flesh, but it's still a ton of fun. And then Will appears at the other end of the pool, dressed in a white top hat and tails. He walks towards Emma across the surface of the water. You guys, all this time Will was Jesus and we didn't know. This is huge! Or, he's walking on something just under the surface of the water. And then he gets near the middle of the pool, dives in, and swims towards Emma. He's never getting the deposit back on that rental.

The song stops as Will emerges from the pool at Emma's feet, and the kids all gather around to hear him propose. It's mostly normal sentimental, romantic stuff, there's a nice moment where Will tells Emma that while it may be his job to balance her OCD, it's also her role to balance out his... oh, let's just say his stupidity. And then he pulls out the ring, goes down on one knee and proposes. And she says yes.

Artie wheels up to Becky at her locker and tells her that he really likes being her friend, but doesn't think they should date. Becky: "Is it because I'm too intimidating?" Artie does her the kindness of telling her that's the reason. Becky tells him she gets it and walks away. And then her royal voice-over takes over: "I didn't ask him what I wanted to ask him. I didn't ask if the reason he didn't want to be my boyfriend was because I have Down's. I didn't ask him because I know the answer is yes. Some days, it sucks being me. This is one of those days. Focus, Becky. Don't let them see you cry." While Helen Mirren's voice is wonderful here, this wouldn't work without Lauren Potter's ability to convey Becky's sadness through her face and body. It's really lovely. And did I say those other two scenes were the gut-wrenching scenes of this episode?

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