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All That Glitters
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La Flor returns to camp, all abuzz over their last Tribal Council. Everyone agrees that voting Shannon out was the best move for their tribe, including Jud, who actually voted for Brenda. Alina says she hopes they can finally unite as a team now, which is definitely something you say when you're suddenly on the wrong side of a majority alliance. NaOnka is disgusted by everyone putting on a friendly face in order to make life around camp as tension-free and pleasant as possible, calling them "faker than faux fur." NaOnka maintains that they are not one big happy family now, and that Alina, Kelly B., and Jud were in "pure shock" when Shannon was voted out. Oh really? Because Kelly B. actually voted for Shannon. So I don't think she was all that surprised. NaOnka concludes by saying that the other alliance will all be voted out.

It's a new day at Espada, and the tribemates are using the sound of howler monkeys to find food, figuring that where there are howler monkeys, there must also be food. Yeah, gross food. Don't monkeys eat like bugs and stuff? Jimmy Johnson attempts to communicate with the howler monkeys by making howler monkey-like sounds. Dude, I would not mess with those monkeys. There are like twelve of them up there, and they are absolutely capable of tearing your face off. Although, if they're anything like chimpanzees, they won't go your face first - they'll go for the testicles. Just because something is cute and exotic doesn't mean it isn't also a potentially dangerous wild animal. Especially if you go marching in there making noise and stealing its food source. Yve speaks up for what I believe is the first time to tell us that she loves Jimmy Johnson and thinks he's funny and amazing.

Meanwhile, Marty watches from afar, not into Jimmy Johnson at all. Jimmy Johnson namedrops like an asshole, saying that if Terry Bradshaw was here, he'd be able to communicate with the monkeys much better than Jimmy. Great. Let's all look forward to next season of Survivor, starring Terry Bradshaw with Probst's lips sewn onto his ass. Marty interviews that he is not happy to have a celebrity on his tribe, nor does he like the way his tribe seems to adore Jimmy Johnson. While Jimmy Johnson catches fish with the women and actually does something useful for the tribe, Marty continues to bitch and moan about what a threat Jimmy Johnson will be if he makes it to the merge.

Marty goes for a walk with Jill to discuss his hatred of Jimmy Johnson. Jill, who is sane and rational, tells him to stop worrying about the future and do everything possible to keep their tribe strong now. To that end, she thinks he should show everyone that he has the idol and say he's planning to use it after the merge to help them. That seems like a bad idea to me, but Marty totally listens to her because he knows that she is actually brilliant and he only thinks he is.

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