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Clowns and...uh, Clowns

"What is she talking about?" says Mike. Rudy says that Dim's stepfather was DickClown's partner. "And he killed him! In cold blood!" says Scary Dim Clown. Scary DickClown screams that it's not true; that he watched him get killed. "You killed him and then you lied about it!" says Scary Dim Clown. "That's why you can't stand to look at yourself or anyone who resembles you! And you hide behind a mask!" Rudy tells her that she's already killed Rufus the Clown Clone, and that she shouldn't make things worse. "They were dressed alike!" says Scary Dim Clown. "It was a mistake!" Scary DickClown runs off cackling and then appears in the corridor behind Scary Dim Clown and raises his machete to cut off her clown head, but Rudy shoots Scary DickClown and he falls to the floor and sees himself in a mirror and then dies. And then Scary Dim Clown is all, "You killed him! I wanted to kill him!" and she kicks Rudy and he drops his gun, and she shrieks and starts waving the machete at him, and he's thinking, "Gee, clown chicks get the worst PMS," and she keeps slashing at him with the machete and finally a gunshot rings out and Scary Dim Clown hits the psychedelic fun-house floor. It turns out Ellie had the gun. "She would have killed him," she explains. And then the little round section of the floor that Scary Dim Clown's lying on starts spinning and that fucking circus music starts playing.

Hash 'n' Whore. Sam and Hazel are admiring the heart necklace. It turns out Sam's dad gave it to Hazel. We totally guessed that.

Mike and Ellie, over at a booth: reconciliation blah blah blah. Ellie pretends to like Mike's book. He wonders about what should happen between the two main characters in the book, the ones that are obviously based on him and Ellie. "Oh, I think that part will write itself," says Ellie, coyly. Which, when you think about it, is a nice way of saying that Mike shouldn't write it. Then the other big clown shoe drops, and Glory Days gets canceled. Aww. Thanks for reading.

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