Glory Days
Clowning Glory

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Clowns and...uh, Clowns

Police station. Clowns. Rudy. Clowns. Blowing bubbles. Stretching balloons. Clowns of all creeds: midget clowns, frowny clowns, wiggy clowns, juggly clowns, Emmett Kelly Loser Clowns, Raggedy Ann Doing A Little Dance At The Cancer Ward Clowns, Pathetic Kiddie Party At The Ground Round Clowns. All stricken with a compulsive clowniness that keeps them clowning clownily. Deputy Tim comes out and tells Rudy that the dead clown's name was Rufus Something, which means he was the clown clone of Corbin Clown. Rudy tells Deputy Tim, wearily, to take statements from all the clowns. Yeah, right, how are you going to transcribe "honk-honk-honk?" Rudy goes into the interview room, where Mike and Ellie are, and shows Ellie the sketch of Scary Clown. "Are you sure this is the guy?" he asks. Ellie's sure. Mike points out, brilliantly, that it could be anyone under that makeup. Ellie says that the crime scene was almost identical to the first one, except that there was a piece of gum on the scene, which could have been the victim's. They toss around all sorts of stupid theories.

Dolan house. Mike and Rudy walk in, still talking about the case; they figure the killer can't be Drunk Clown Clone's clone, Corbin Clown, because Corbin Clown has a solid alibi. Dim comes out of the guest room looking sleepy and wearing a cute little robe, smiling shyly at Rudy. Mike pretends that he's really tired and leaves them the hell alone. They make nervous small talk, and Dim says she was hoping to see Rudy again; then she knocks over a lamp. "I'm such a klutz," she says, as Rudy picks up the lamp. "It's your fault -- you do this to me," she says. They kiss. Then they do it on the fold-out bed. In the Dolan house. I guess Mitzi must have taken a whole lot of Darvocet in order to sleep through this whole episode. I don't blame her.

In the morning, Rudy gets up to go and leans over to kiss Dim while she's still sleeping and notices that on her forehead, right near the hairline, there's...dried white makeup. I mean, we hope that it's makeup.

At the police station, Deputy Tim tells Rudy that they picked up some clown trying to sell Dead Clown's watch at the pawn shop: it's Stud Clown, who has a rap sheet a mile long. Stud Clown claims that he found the watch on the pier. "So what now? You going to pin me for murder?" says Stud Clown. Rudy says that, given his petty theft record, Stud Clown doesn't seem like a killer. Stud Clown doesn't believe that Rudy's letting him off the hook, and gets all dramatic as he says, "Look, Sheriff, there are easier ways to steal a guy's watch besides cutting his head off." Yeah: you can spray him with a seltzer bottle. What's up with that shit, anyway?

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Glory Days




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