Glory Days
Death, Lies And Videotape

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Spinsters and Stabbers

Fade up: hotel room. Aerial shot of bad hotel furniture, suitcase, clothes strewn on floor. Close up of Hotel Room Resident's chin as Hotel Room Resident trims beard. More strewn clothes. Hair falling in sink. It's really cinematic. I think they got that Dawson kid to shoot this scene. A TV newscast is droning in the background: "Tonight, Seattle residents are locking their doors after the murder of businessman Nick Allwood. His body was found fatally stabbed in his home on Monday. This is the fourth homicide of its kind in Seattle this year." Hotel room furniture. Hands of Hotel Room Resident wearing plastic gloves, squirting some kind of dark liquid in his palm -- um, soy sauce? Oh, it's hair dye; he's rubbing it on his hair. Miss Helpful Expository Narrative News Anchor Lady continues: "Police would not comment on whether Allwood's death was related to the other incidents, but when asked why officials have yet to release a description, a source for the department said it was because the suspect is constantly changing his appearance." Ooh, just like Madonna. And, oh, hey, just like this Hotel Room Resident guy, because in another close-up where we can't see his face, he's shaving off his beard. And then we still can't see his face as he walks over and picks up a big huge hunting knife and a videotape from the top of the TV, and hey, that's not supposed to be significant or something, is it? I mean, this guy is just your typical business traveler kicking back after a long day by dyeing his hair, and maybe later he'll watch some porn and flay an elk carcass, right? Then we see a Glory Island ferry schedule lying nearby and the camera zooms in on the ferry picture, which becomes, like, a real ferry, and the hotel room guy is, like riding it, get it? It's one of them seamless visual narrative transition things, get it? Isn't Dawson clever?

Evening, Kreepy Koroner's Kottage: Ellie is carting barrels marked "flammable" out to her back yard; she looks like something out of Martha Stewart's Unabomber Special. She turns a corner and a hand reaches out of a doorway and clamps over her mouth and she's all, "Aiieeemmpfff!" But then she sees who grabbed her, and it's Hotel Room Resident Guy, and she hugs him; apparently, she was expecting him. She looks at his hair. "What happened to my blond surfer dude?" she asks. He looks visibly upset, and I can so understand, because it sucks when you change your hair and people lay that whole Brunette Ambivalence crap on you and don't even appreciate the subtle effects of lowlights, especially when it comes to translucent color. Ellie looks concerned and asks the guy if he's okay. "I am now," he says. Ellie hugs him again.

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Glory Days




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