Glory Days
Death, Lies And Videotape

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Spinsters and Stabbers

Glory Gazette newsroom. Handsome Bachelor comes into Sara's office to tell her that he's leaving town and apologizes for lying about his identity. "My attraction to you...that wasn't fake," he says. He says he really needed the story, and it'll help get him promoted to the international beat. "I know you can understand that," he says, "because you and I, we're lot alike." He turns to walk out, and then Sara picks up something from her desk and throws it in his direction and it breaks the glass window partition of her office and it's very diva-like. "NO! We're not alike!" she hisses. She says, basically, that even though she's a career-driven sexless bitch on wheels she would never screw anyone over personally for a story. "You touched me," she says. "We fooled around a little," says Handsome Bachelor. " touched me." sniffles Sara. Yeah, uh, that's a little too much information; just run that Levi's commercial with all the CROTCHES again, okay?

Then Mitzi gently tugs on Handsome Bachelor's sleeve and sweetly says that she's so sorry it didn't work out and she always wanted Sara to meet someone as handsome and smart as he is, and if he ever tries to come back to please remember how Mitzi resisted kicking his ass, and that's pretty much verbatim, because that's Mitzi for you. Handsome Bachelor scurries out. Then Mitzi goes back into Sara's office and says, "Oh, poor thing, you're hiding your sad spinster feelings, how brave and pathetic of you!" That's not verbatim, though. Then Mitzi leaves and Sara closes the door and rips up Handsome Bachelor's business card and sniffles some more and probably she's going to go home and work on her Royal Wedding collage and eat Snackwells and sniff craft glue, or whatever the hell it is those single girls do.

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