Glory Days
Death, Lies And Videotape

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Spinsters and Stabbers

The paramedics, along with Sheriff Rudy and Agent Trenchcoat, come in. Trenchcoat ticks off Ellie by calling in the Seattle medical examiner on her jurisdiction; then he ticks off Rudy by declaring an "information blackout." "'Information' like the killer was sending videotapes?" asks Rudy. "We have the facts we decide you need," says Agent Trenchcoat. There's all sorts of wacky local-cop-and- Fed-agent pissing contest antics. And Ellie's pissed at Mike for getting her friend all killed.

Dolan house. Sara tries to get Mike to tell her what happened. "The Seattle killer's in town, isn't he?" she says. "How many times do I have to say 'No comment'?" says Mike. The doorbell rings. Mitzi and Sam race ahead of Sara to let Handsome Bachelor in. Mitzi's waaaay too into Handsome Bachelor. Sara excuses herself for a moment to talk to Mike. "Mike, this is a scoop -- could you give me a couple quotes off the record?" Mike glumly replies that he can't say anything, because if it were reported in the Gazette, it could put Ellie in danger. Handsome Bachelor overhears Mike and Sara talking. Then Sara tells Handsome Bachelor that they'll have to postpone their date because, she says, she's got an important deadline, and also probably because she'd already planned a big night of eating chocolate and dressing up her cats in baby clothes and having crying jags while singing along to Laura Branigan CDs.

Koroner Kottage again. Ellie's at the microscope looking for forensic evidence while Rudy finishes up his cop business. "You don't have to stay," Ellie says, because Ellie doesn't seem to think the serial killer will kill her or anything like that. I've decided the only way this whole episode can possibly make sense is if Ellie is a cyborg. Anyway, Rudy goes over and opens the door and sees a big manila envelope on her doormat. "What's this?" he asks Ellie. "Were you expecting anything?" Uh, yeah. Nobody thought, "Hey, the past five times the serial killer killed someone he left a videotape for the victim's friend, and I wonder if he'll leave one for Ellie?" NOBODY thought, "Hey! I wonder if we should keep an eye out for that serial killer in case he comes by Ellie's place and leaves a videotape?" NOBODY was expecting this? Nope, they're just all like, "Say! The Disturbing Video Fairy came in the night and look what he left!" Ellie takes the tape out of the envelope and pops it into the VCR. Sure enough, there's William biting the big one on MurderCam. "I guess I'm next," says Ellie.

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Glory Days




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