Glory Days
Death, Lies And Videotape

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Spinsters and Stabbers

Rudy picks up a videotape at the police station and leaves. He knocks on the door to some isolated boathouse and someone holding a gun lets him in; it's Deputy Tim. Ellie's there, too. "How are you doing?" Rudy asks. "Pretty good, for a dead person," says Ellie. Rudy apologizes that the boathouse is so crappy, but it's the only place on the island that nobody really knows about. Just then there's a knock on the door and everyone freaks out, and there's a moment of total non-suspense when they open the door and find it's...Mike. Jeez, did they have to let Mike in on this? I was really hoping that this could be Ellie's chance to leave town and move up to Alaska with all those nice people from Northern Exposure.

Mike, Ellie, and Rudy watch the tape, which is a video surveillance of the crime scene; they think maybe the serial killer might have been among the onlookers wanting to see whether Ellie was really dead. They spot Handsome Bachelor on the tape. "My sister's been hanging out with him," Mike explains. Then Deputy Tim points to someone else on the tape. "Sheriff, isn't that the guy who's fixing our computers?" They look and, sure enough, it's Tech Guy. You know? In those scenes with Perky Secretary Who Has Little Nothing Scenes That I Never Mention In These Recaps? Except I had to recap them this week, dammit.

Sara's got a date with Handsome Bachelor. She's wearing some kind of Newport News-y black pleather-paneled jacket kind of thing with a satin skirt and a red low-cut blouse and peekaboo black lace bra and it's all trying way too hard and then still somehow winds up being frumpy. Mike is bitchy to Handsome Bachelor when he comes by the Dolan house to pick up Sara, and then pulls Sara aside and says that Handsome Bachelor was at the scene of Ellie's accident before it happened. Sara is like, "No! No! He likes me and I'm pretty and he's going to make me a woman!" and she stomps out with Handsome Bachelor. Mike watches them leave, and then notices an envelope with a videotape on the doorstep. Mike shows Rudy the tape, which depicts Mike watching the explosion in Ellie's yard, and thinks that Handsome Bachelor shot the footage with his digital camera, and so he should be considered a suspect. Wait, so the serial killer not only videotapes his victims getting killed, but he also just hangs around their houses just in case some cool accident happens? Does he have hours and hours of footage of his other victims in their yards, slipping on icy sidewalks and stepping on rakes? I am so confused now.

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