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Mike storms into Personal Howard's office and tells him to cut "the self-righteous privacy-act business" and tell them what they want to know. Mike picks up a tin box decorated with little-girly pink and purple stickers off Personal Howard's desk. "Do you mind?" says Personal Howard, grabbing the box back. See, maybe Personal Howard is just one of those straight guys who are into Hello Kitty. I've met guys like that. Through the personals. No, really. Personal Howard explains that privacy helps reassure the desperate and lonely people who place personal ads. "Surely you can understand the need for privacy, right, Sheriff?" Rudy shoots him a dirty look and says he'll be back with a subpoena. Mike threatens to get Personal Howard fired again. "Ooh, I'm so scared," says Personal Howard. "On what grounds?" "You're too cliché for your position," says Mike. Um, it's Episode 6: suddenly "too cliché" is a problem? Mike leaves. Personal Howard picks up his tin sticker box again and smiles at it.

At the diner, Flirty Cheerleader comes up to Zane and asks him if he'd like to go out that night. Zane is all, "Um, ahh..." "Of course he would!" says Sam. Zane's draw drops. Flirty Cheerleader smiles and says she'll have to hear it from Zane. Zane finally stammers that he has to work that night. Sam says she'll cover for him. "Oh, uh...okay," says Zane. Flirty Cheerleader agrees to meet Zane at eight, and leaves. Zane is still freaked out. Sam looks up at the cue card on the ceiling that says "[Smile coyly.]"

Mike and Rudy walk into the police station discussing ways they can get around that pesky Law and that dad-blanged Order stuff. Perky Secretary tells Rudy that Ellie's in his office, and that it's important. Rudy goes in and sees Ellie and Deputy Tim waiting for him, along with the district chief. Everyone looks really uncomfortable. Ellie explains that the fingerprints on the knife used to stab Date were identified: they're Rudy's. Moreover, they have an eyewitness who saw Rudy leaving Date's house. "This is ridiculous -- you don't really believe that I...?" says Rudy. Deputy Tim reluctantly steps up and tells Rudy he's under arrest for murder. It sucks to be Rudy.

Next thing, Rudy's in the jail. Wearing a white undershirt tee. Aww yeah. Ten minutes in the clinker and he's already made himself over into an Oz bitch. Mike leans in from outside and yells stuff like "We've gotta get you outta here!" "No, not we," says Rudy, who tells Mike not to go meddling. "Don't go off half-cocked," Rudy says. Hee hee hee hee hee. They've really got to stop this. Rudy tells Mike not to go around accusing innocent people. Mike's like, "Okay, bye! I'm off to accuse innocent people and be a pain in the ass!" Rudy yells, "No! Mike, Mike!" Mike leaves. Rudy grabs the bars in rage. You know he loves it.

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