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Mystics and Lipsticks

Sam and Frosty start screaming for help when they hear someone passing by the cellar window. It's Local Loser. He comes over and crouches down to look in. "Oh my God! What's going on here?" he says. Sam and Frosty are all like, "Help! Get us out of here!" Loser's thinking: "Girls! Girls with prom dresses! They want me!" He says he'll go get help. He gets up to leave, but then there's a big CLANK, and he falls back down, and then someone above him whacks his head with a shovel a bunch more times. Sam and Frosty scream and scream and scream and it sucks to be them.

Mike and Ellie show up at Miss Creepo's place again. Miss Creepo sits them down in her fortune-telling parlor again. "I'm surprised to see you here again, Ellie," says Miss Creepo. Ellie explains that she and Miss Creepo got off on the wrong foot. "Professional jealousy, on my part," says Ellie. "Ellie thinks she's a psychic, but I think she's a fraud," says Mike. He says they want Miss Creepo to help prove whether or not Ellie is a fake. Miss Creepo's like, "Uh, okay...." Ellie takes her hand.

Meanwhile, at the police station. the DNA results come in on the inhaler. Whatever.

Ellie reads Miss Creepo's palm: "I see...a lonely little girl, a little girl without a mother, who desperately needs love and would do anything to get it, but whose father didn't care." Miss Creepo is creeped out. "You were that little dark-haired girl, weren't you?" says Mike. "Leave me alone!" says Miss Creepo, who runs into the other room. Ellie goes on: Miss Creepo's father was abusive; when he died, Miss Creepo started having flashbacks. "That's why you started having blackouts, and they're not psychic visions, they're memories!" shouts Mike. Miss Creepo is seriously freaking, and then she has an asthma attack and grabs The Inhaler of Incrimination. Then she recovers, and her expression completely changes. Like she gets this funny little look on her face, like she just pooped herself of something and really enjoyed it. Ellie says that she doesn't think that this is Miss Creepo now. "It's...Sybil!" says Mike. Oh, I get it: Miss Creepo has multiple personalities. She has asthma and multiple personalities. Or she has multiple personalities with asthma. Or something.

"Who are you?" Ellie asks. "My name is Suzy," says Miss Creepo, in a little-girl voice. "I just wanted some friends." Ellie asks if Miss Creepo can take them to her friends. "Oh, but I'd get into big trouble," says "Suzy." "With who?" asks Ellie. Miss Creepo visibly changes personalities again and says, in a deep voice, "With me." Then she shoves Mike and Ellie aside and runs out of the room. "I think we just met her father," says Ellie. So then Mike and Ellie set out to find Sam and Frosty. Without going after Miss Creepo/Daddy first. Do they think that maybe The Personality of Miss Creepo's Daddy is just going to go out and mow the lawn or something? Or read the sports section in the bathroom? Or play golf with The Personality of Miss Creepo's Uncle Fred?

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