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Demons and Dorothys

Police station. The deputy guy is playing with the cool hydraulic pump thingy and watching the chair jump around. You could really watch that chair all day. I think the producers need to consider that the next time they retool the show. At the very least, they need a spin-off: Dorothy Man and Jumpy Chair. It would be a buddy-cop show, and Jumpy Chair would get all the chicks. Anyway, while the deputy is mesmerized by Jumpy Chair, Ma McNeil comes up and bashes him over the head with a bottle. He falls over, and she takes his gun. Soon Mike, Ellie, and Rudy come out, and she's waving the gun at them. Ma McNeil's like, "Nobody believed me before when I confessed, boo hoo," and in her own mousy way, she threatens to kill them all. Robbie comes out and yells at his mom to stop. "I was faking it! It was an act! It was all an act!" he yells. Mike -- who knows from last week's episode that gun-wielding killer soccer moms are easily distracted -- picks up the remote cable that operates Jumpy Chair. Jumpy Chair jumps, and Ma McNeil completely freaks and shoots the hell out of it. Oh man, it hurts to see Jumpy Chair take the fall. Mike tackles Ma McNeil quite spectacularly, takes her down, and subdues her. And now, the moment you've been waiting for: tonight, the lucky recipient of the randomly-fired- bullet-that- punctuates-the- show's-climax is...Robbie's hand! Cingular Wireless congratulates Robbie's hand as the winner of this week's Reckless Ballistics Challenge!

Elsewhere, at the diner, Zane gives a bouquet of flowers to his mother, Hazel. How sweet. Also, creepy.

Elsewhere, Robbie explains to Rudy that he put on the whole Demon Kid act because he "just wanted to have some fun." Don't the teens on this island ever just huff butane?

At Koroner Kottage, Mike brings Ellie her diary. It turns out that it had fallen out of her bag at Robbie's house, and Robbie was reading it, which explains why he knew all that stuff about her. "He was just a kid, Ellie. Scared, not possessed," says Mike. Ellie replies that "we're all possessed by one thing or another," which I guess explains all my projectile-vomiting whenever Mike and Ellie are together. Apparently, Ellie's all ready to Open Up to Mike, and she asks, "Why am I so afraid to tell the truth about who I am, and what I know...when it's the only thing that'll keep me from being afraid?" "The truth about who she is and what she knows"? Um, she's a chick with a dead boyfriend, and unless she's also from the future or is a cyborg or has a set of male genitals, she really needs to lighten up. Whatever. She starts crying on Mike. If I were like Linda Blair in The Exorcist and could turn my head all the way around on my neck, then I wouldn't have to watch.

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