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That night at the Hash 'n' Whore, Mike and Rudy congratulate each other on saving the day yet again. Rudy still can't decide whether to call Draggy. "She wants me to spend the night with her," says Rudy. "So why are you here with me?" asks Mike. Rudy doesn't answer that; I think alt.fanfic.slash.glorydays will, though. Mike thinks Rudy should take a risk! Make a contrary action! That's all they've been talking about in this episode, but I skip over those parts because I stinking hate themes. Rudy says he might go for it: "But I won't tell. Not even you." Mike leaves to go file his story. Rudy reaches for his cell phone and pushes a few buttons and then stops and then starts again and then stops and...well, I don't think he's gay, but maybe his fingers are.

Ellie walks into the Gazette office to talk to Mike, and there's an uncomfortable moment and then an awkward moment and then more bibbety-blah mad-mad talk and more beating the "contrary action" theme into the ground, and then Ellie kisses Mike and then there's giggly-goofy awkward talk, and then Ellie leaves. Mike smiles, all smug-ass.

A musical montage begins, which doesn't help things in the slightest. Rudy sits at the diner, still struggling with the crippling effects of gayfinger; Sam lies in bed and tries to muster up dirty thoughts about Zane; Zane cleans up dishes at the diner and thinks about finding a hooker -- oh and they've still got the bloody nudie paintings still up; Rudy puts away his cell phone; Ellie goes home and heaves her bosom over Mike; Mike sits at his computer and proudly types, in 72-point font, the words "Chapter One." Next week: he types "The."

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