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Generics and Graves

In the woods, Mike and Rudy and a whole assload of cops search the woods, and oh, great, Buried-Alive Guy, pick this night to stop your constant screaming. But finally, they find the spot where he is, and dig up a huge crate and open it up and Buried-Alive Guy is still alive and they call the paramedics. Mrs. Generic and Conrad come over and share a tender moment with him. "Oh, darling!" says Mrs. Generic, "Now we can take that vacation at Carlsbad Caverns, and we'll take the train and sleep in one of those Pullman cars with the little bunk beds and you can have the bottom bunk, and also we can catch that Egyptian sarcophagus exhibit at the museum, and you can finally clean out the basement crawlspace and...honey? What's wrong?"

Mike apologizes to Sam for being an asshole and, once again, gets forgiven for being an asshole. Rudy comes up and tells them what happened: apparently Mr. NonGeneric/Levy was Mrs. Generic's high-school sweetheart and she had him committed to a mental hospital; he's been in and out of institutions his whole life. But in the mean time, he became a pharmacist and got his shit together enough to open his own pharmacy? The hell? Rudy admits that Mike was right. "Well, I wouldn't have minded being wrong," says Mike. Rudy asks him if Mike still has the basketball tickets. Mike does. Ellie comes by: flirty banter with Mike blah blah blah. Zane comes by: flirty banter with Sam blah blah blah. Mike and Sam and Zane walk off, arm in arm in arm. I write "whatever" on my apartment walls about five thousand times.

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