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Two Little Green Men
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I don't know what I'm going to do without Courtney, you guys. Fortunately, she's still with us on the jury where we'll probably see more of her awesomeness than we ever did when she was on the show, where she got two seconds of screentime per episode. Anyway, it's Day 25 at the Heroes, and there's Candice looking truly sad about her current situation, which is sitting next to Rupert in front of a campfire and listening to him mumble. Poor Candice must be having the worst time on this show. How has she not thrown herself into the campfire yet? Anyway, the Heroes anxiously await the results of last night's Tribal Council and the inevitable merge. With nothing else to do, Rupert and Amanda hike to the treemail, apparently passing through the Glen of Self-Awareness on the way, where Rupert says, "I hope I'm not pissing anybody off too much" and Amanda replies, "I think we all are. I'm pretty sure I'm annoying someone." At treemail, they find a huge crate and a note telling them not to open it until they have the key. Also, "make room at your camp ... company will be arriving soon." It takes Amanda and Rupert way too long to realize that this means: 1) a merge; and 2) the Villains have the key to the box.

At Camp Evil, Parvarti and Danielle get some kind of fishing gear with a key attached to it and a note from their treemail. They read it to the group, and Sandra is more excited about this development than anyone else. Li'l Russell quickly calls a meeting of his three allies to talk to them about how he'll explain to J.T. why Parvati is still there. He decides that the least complicated way to achieve this is by saying that both he and Parvati played idols last night, so his vote against Parvati didn't count. Okay... why not just say that he used it to take out Courtney since she was the leader of the women's alliance and not Parvati? Duh. Meanwhile, Sandra is sneaking around in the bushes behind them trying to listen in. Ha ha! She's great. Does anyone else use spying as a strategy in this game like she does? Li'l Russell interviews that he believes he has the only immunity idol in this game, and the only people who know about it are the ones who "have to know about it." Yeah, except that's 80% of your entire tribe. Also, everyone on the other tribe. 9 out of 10 people left in this game know about your immunity idol, but you insist that it's a secret? Moron. Finally, the Villains head out to Camp Heroes.

And so, the moment arrives. The Villains arrive at camp as Parvati reminds us in an interview that she and Li'l Russell are the queen and king of this game with their immunity idols, although only her "lady-in-waiting" knows about her idol. As the Heroes approach their new tribemates, the wimpy Villains demand that they help them carry their items because they're heavy. J.T. is displeased to see that Parvati is leading the way into camp, but then sees Li'l Russell too and thinks "oh, thank god!" Ha ha ha. He assumes that Li'l Russell and Parvati played their idols last night. Thus, he concludes, there are no idols left in the game and Parvati will be going home next, no problemo. "It's a known fact," he says.

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