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Previously on Midnight In The Garden Of James's Discontent: An Apple-Eating Primer: Peih-Gee took Denise and Erik on a great reward that allowed Denise to show off her kung fu skills for a bunch of monks who probably would have been more impressed with a nice turkey tetrazzini. According to the Jeff-over, James "was in the best position to win it all." Apparently, Jeff is privy to information the rest of us do not get to enjoy. Erik used throwing stars and channeled his natural aggressiveness and super-secret combat training to win immunity for himself, so in theory, Peih-Gee should have been on the block. Amanda and her blurry bottom, however, came up with the idea that perhaps allowing James a free ride to F3 wasn't the smartest possible move, so she arranged to have James blindsided. Despite the fact that he had two immunity idols and three tribal councils in which to use them, and despite the fact that he certainly could have won immunity once or bluffed once or something, James chose just to sit there and do nothing. Unlike Jaime, who at least went out swinging, James went down on a called third strike -- a pretty unspectacular ending for such a heavily hyped player, which James took quite well and Jeff Probst undoubtedly did not. "The most powerful player in the game was gone," says Jeff. "And I went home and curled up with James's shirt, which I had stolen from camp by a production assistant I threatened to fire if she didn't bring me things that smelled like James." (I made up the last part.) Six left; who will go next?

Hae In Da Noise, Hae In Da Fung, Night 30. I've never noticed that Todd's name is rendered on the team flag as "T-Roc." Oh, I'm sorry: "T-ROC!" Apparently, he is a gay Mormon flight-attendant-slash-rapper. Amanda comments that this was "the most shocking tribal council yet," which means she is ready to start her new career as a promo writer for The Bachelor. Courtney notes that Jean-Robert very much enjoyed James's booting, and you know how Courtney likes to look out for Jean-Robert's good time. Todd interviews that he was really, really concerned that this idea might not work, but, as he eloquently says, "It did." He's got his little gray cap turned slightly at a jaunty angle, like he's the moppet in a Cary Grant movie...about a moppet. They all discuss how concerned they were about how ugly things were going to be back at camp if they had to come back with James, having tried and failed to get him out. Considering that James's major weapon appears to be pouting, I'm not sure they have that much to worry about. The top six share a group hug. Well, except for Peih-Gee. She interviews that seeing the original Fei Long choose to start eating each other "absolutely gives [her] hope." She interviews that if she can get one or two more people on her side, she could force a tie or otherwise do damage to the obvious plan to take her out the minute she doesn't win immunity. "I love it that I'm still here," she grins. I'm a little confused by the robe she's wearing in this sequence. Did that come from the reward? If not, she waited a long time to bust out her bathrobe. Maybe this is somebody's solution to how tired they all are of blurring everybody's ass.

Credits. Hey, look! It's James and Jean-Robert on the jury! This has to be one of the beefiest juries ever. This jury would totally win a tug-of-war against other juries. And that would be a much more interesting way to spend the jury's part of the finale, although it would take away from James's dagger-glaring time.

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