Golden Globes 2010: The Liveblog

by admin January 17, 2010
Golden Globe Awards 2010

Welcome to the Golden Globes! We'll be bringing you commentary on every rambling speech and every drunken audience response for the next few hours, Your bloggers for the evening will be Zach Oat and Mindy Monez, and here we go!

8:01 - C'mon, Ricky Gervais, you couldn't even shave for this event? Aren't you at least gonna look like you care a little bit? Oh, wait, are you trying to grow a beard? Sorry, dude.

8:03 - Starting off with Ricky v. Steve Carrell Office-related sniping. Way to kick it off right. Luckily, NBC jokes are kept to a minimum, but the Leno dig at the end is well-done, albeit expected at this point.

8:05 - Nicole Kidman gives some info on giving a donation for Haiti, then she's presenting for Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture - Drama, and you just know it's gonna be Mo'Nique. And it is. Thank God she's there.

8:07 - Good speech, a mix of comedy and heartfelt thanks. Very classy.

8:10 - Sofia Vergara is having a little bit of trouble describing the Best Actress in a Television Comedy nominees, but it's adorable. And Toni Collette wins! Wow, didn't see that coming! Love hearing her native Aussie twang.

8:16 - Jim Parsons and Lauren Graham! Lauren is dressed as a pink mermaid, and Miss Golden Globe Mavis Spencer (daughter of Alfre Woodard) is standing on stage awkwardly.

8:18 - Presenting Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy, we get a very long shot of Michael Emerson and a hilariously bearded shot of William Hurt. And John Lithgow wins! NPH looks sad. Bill Hurt looks like Santa Claus.

8:20 - "Animation is not just for children; it is also for drug-taking adults." -- Sir Paul McCartney, presenting for Best Animated Feature. Best. Quote. Ever.

8:22 - Up wins. We are not surprised. Emo Kevin Bacon is also not surprised, nor is he impressed.

8:28 - Ahh, Kate Hudson, here to regale us with clips from Nine. In a deformed wedding dress to boot!

8:29 - Half hour in and nothing crazy has happened yet. The skinny rich people need to get drunker!

8:31 - The Hollywood Foreign Press Association's mission is "telling Hollywood's story" and performing "philanthropic acts"? It's not getting skinny rich people drunk? I'm confused.

8:34 - Michael C. Hall and his knit cap won! And Bill Paxton is very visibly disappointed! Loving this!

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