Golden Globes 2010: The Liveblog

by Daniel Manu January 17, 2010
Golden Globe Awards 2010

8:35 - "It's nice to work somewhere where everybody gives a damn"? Is that a dig at Six Feet Under?

8:37 - Julianna Margulies was able to beat Glenn Close just by being new. Somewhere Lea Michele is screaming "WHYYYYYYY???" (But it was sweet to see Nurse Hathaway give Dr. Ross a peck on the cheek on her way to the podium.)

8:39 - I was going to complain again that no one's drunk enough, but I think Harrison Ford and his earring are doing just fine. Actually surprised he had the time to introduce Up in the Air. Doesn't he already work around the clock?

8:44 - Oh my god. Cher and Xtina. This is heaven. (Fun fact: their upcoming movie, Burlesque, is directed by the actor who played the guy who got Jesse's girl in the Rick Springfield video. In other words: Jesse.)

8:48 - Ha, Cher mispronounced Michael Giacchino's name. Didn't she butcher Marvin Hamlisch's at the Oscars in the '70s? Sweet gimmick.

8:53 - Grey Gardens wins for best TV movie or mini-series, and the cast is doing a conga line through all of the tables. Is this really necessary? It's not a "Best Ensemble" award. How many people does it take to accept a tiny statue? It's not like Jessica Lange has never been on a stage before. (And doesn't it feel like this thing first aired years ago? Is it the TV equivalent of Paul Simon's Graceland, destined to haunt award shows forever?)

8:57 - Why does Julie & Julia get Tom Hanks to introduce it, while Nine only got Kate Hudson? I know she's in the cast, but still.

8:59 - We love -- LOVE -- that Ricky specifically asked to introduce Colin Farrell, just so he could call all Irishmen "drunken hellraisers."

9:01 - Meryl Streep was robbed! By Meryl Streep! Seriously, it's impressive that even though she split her own vote by being nominated twice for Best Actress in a Motion Picture Comedy, she still won. Granted, she deserves the award for her Julia Child, but that's pretty damn impressive nevertheless. Also, we will totally call her "T-Bone," if she wants.

9:04 - You know, Meryl, it's bad enough you make us cry in your damn movies, but do you have to make us cry while watching a frickin' awards show? No fair, Shadow. No fair.

9:09 - Helen Mirren introducing Precious is like two worlds colliding in the classiest way possible.

9:11 - Boo-yah! Emo Kevin Bacon just beat a room full of Brits for Best Actor in a Mini-Series! USA! USA! Go back to your respective parts of the United Kingdom, losers!

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