Golden Globes 2010: The Liveblog

by Daniel Manu January 17, 2010
Golden Globe Awards 2010

10:07 - If Cecil B. DeMille was alive today, he'd tell Scorsese to wrap it up already.

10:12 - Jeremy Renner looks drunk or bored. And confused that they didn't use a clip of Hurt Locker with him in it.

10:14 - FANTASTIC. Nice one, Ricky. Luckily, Mel has a sense of humor.

10:16 - Did James Cameron just speak like a freaking Na'vi while accepting his Best Director award? Oy. (And definition of awkward: hearing your ex-husband pay tribute to his current wife while holding the award he just beat you for.)

10:18 - That was the worst pun linking two co-presenters I've ever heard.

10:20 - YES! Glee FTW! You can stop believing now, guys! This almost makes up for Jane Lynch and Lea Michelle not winning. Almost.

10:25 - Oh, c'mon show -- you can't have Mike Tyson talk in front of a room full of drunk people! It'd be giggle mayhem!

10:28 - Can't decide if The Hangover beating Nine is surprising. The Hangover was a giant hit that everybody loves, but Nine is the most HFPA thing ever made. Anyway, Kate Hudson should be used to shame by now.

10:33 - Holy crap, Arnold... Thanks to you, we will henceforth pronounce the movie as "Avadah."

10:36 - Mariah, stop trying to get into Gabourey Sidibe's shot, ya big beautiful drunk.

10:38 - Sandra Bullock beat everybody and then rambled in German. This night has taken a turn.

10:41 - RDJ opening with a little reverse psychology. Can't fool us. Thanks for getting the hell off the stage after knowing who you wanted to thank, by the way. Apparently that's an insurmountable task for many.

10:46 - Note to Golden Globes director: Leonardo DiCaprio and Jeff Bridges are not the same person. Easy mistake to make though, seeing as they're 25 years apart and literally look nothing alike.

10:47 - "Underappreciated status"? What? We all wish nothing but praise and presents for the Dude, dude. Especially since you thanked your long-time stand-in. Has any other actor ever done that?

10:55 - Best Motion Picture for Grown-Ups time (and on time, too!).

10:57 - Hey Avatar won. Makes sense. Goodnight everybody!

10:59 - Oh, but "Give it up for yourselves, everybody!" Finally! Somebody takes a moment to allow famous actors to congratulate themselves within a show specifically designed to allow famous actors to congratulate themselves! (What's Na'vi for "douche"?)

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