Golden Globes 2011: The Liveblog

by TWoP Staff January 16, 2011
Golden Globe Awards 2011

8:33 - Totally take that back! Suit guy just made a jab at Ricky Gervais's terrible film choices! Wow, HFPA, standing up to bullies. Are you friends with Kelly Bensimon?

8:34 - Hahaha "A serial killer who plays by his own rules." 'Cause of how serial killers are always playing by everyone else's rules.

8:35 - How is this Steve Buscemi's first nomination? Anyway, congrats, I guess. Great guy, great actor, but far from his best role, and far from the best performance nominated in this category.

8:38 - Nothing like the ill-fitting music from your horrible opening credits playing over your Best Drama Series win.

8:44 - Oh no, guys! Andrew Garfield is both secretly British AND secretly illiterate! The Waiting for "Superman" sequel should totally be called Waiting for "Spider-Man" now.

8:45 - Gervais is being wonderfully mean, but, c'mon, a Heather Mills joke? Half these bits are beyond dated.

8:47 - Diane Warren lives! You haven't seen the last of the '90s, apparently.

8:52 - Kinda wild to see Trent Reznor all clean-cut and suited-up as he accepts the award for Best Score for The Social Network. He looks like he wants to mortgage you like an animal.

8:55 - It's Zach again. I'm about to start tweeting that Bieber and Hailee Stansfield Sternfield Steinfeld are dating. Countdown to death threats! (And is there anyone on the planet that has less "true grit" than J. Bieb?)

8:57 - If not for Toy Story 3, Best Animated Feature would have been a tough category to call. So many good cartoons out this year.

8:59 - "Sinister with mean-spirited undertones" should be the Globes' slogan next year. Because Downey is certainly keeping that ball rolling. Why isn't he hosting the Oscars this year?

9:02 - Annette Bening! Best Actress in a Comedy! Luckily, The Tourist was only unintentionally funny. For The Grifters alone, we can't begrudge her any good fortune that comes her way.

9:04 - Most Promising Actor of 1962? Man, Warren Beatty is old, but still awesome. I love you, Dick Tracy!

9:09 - Wow, getting Stallone to introduce The Fighter is like, uh, getting the star of a lot of boxing movies to introduce your boxing movie. So, you know, pretty cool. Second choice would've been a recovering crack addict, but where, oh where, in Hollywood could you find one of those?

9:10 - Why is Geoffrey Rush dressed like a character on Mad Men? More importantly, why isn't Geoffrey Rush on Mad Men?

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