Golden Globes 2012: The Liveblog

by Ethan Alter January 15, 2012
Golden Globe Awards 2012

8:26: Kate Winslet gets another award to go along with her Emmy for Mildred Pierce. She's one Tony away from an EGGGOT.

8: 34: Jeremy Irons cuts off the HFPA president. I think that counts as a mercy killing.

8:35: Why is Jake Gyllenhaal introducing My Week With Marilyn? The choice of presenters for these clips has been very odd all night.

8:36: "I was bang on," says Gervais. Wouldn't say that, Ricky. You've been kinda off all night.

8:38: Okay, moving right along to Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series -- Drama. We're sensing a Homeland victory.

8: 38: And we were wrong! Apparently the HFPA have Starz programmed into their DVR. More than we can say for us. Why the hell was presenter Paula Patton so happy for Kelsey Grammer, anyway? Big Frasier fan?

8:39: My toddler is crying. Apparently she was rooting for Bryan Cranston.

8:40: Okay, after that Boss victory, we have no idea what to expect with Best Television Series - Drama.

8:40: Homeland! Yes! Take that, SAG Awards! Our heads and vests are exploding.

8:42: Why is Amy Poehler cracking up about the Homeland cast onstage? Is Damian's fly open?

8:47: Onto Best Original Score -- Motion Picture. Let's see if The Artist sweep starts here.

8:48: And it looks like it might! That's one down for the French-made silent film that's now becoming cool to hate. Kim Novak is experiencing vertigo right about now.

8:49: My mother-in-law asks what we all want to know. "Will he do his speech in silence"?

8:49: Nope. But given the way he's stumbling over his words, maybe he should have.

8:50: And Fallon and Levine stay onstage to present Best Original Song -- Motion Picture. It's the battle of the pop stars between Madonna, Elton and Mary. Whoever wins, their ego will precede them to the platform

8:52: And Madonna wins for a movie practically no one (including us) has seen yet. So we honestly can't say whether or not they're wrong (but we can sure as hell guess).

8:53: She seems to have dropped her faux English accent from a few years back. Or maybe the obvious Botox work (or, as has been diagnosed here, Bell's Palsy -- we're not doctors, but we do watch House) in her face just makes it hard to enunciate.

8:54: Wow, they're playing off Madonna? They really are running behind.

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