Golden Globes 2013: The Liveblog

by Rachel Stein January 13, 2013
Golden Globe Awards 2013

10:32 - Congrats to Hugh Jackman for nabbing the award and giving everyone in the room the flu.

10:34 - Spotted: Chenbot in the background of the Les Miz gang!

10:38 - Okay, who just cheered about the U.S. killing bin Laden?

10:40 - Best Motion Picture - Comedy or Musical goes to (*fingers crossed for Moornise Kingdom*) Les Miz. Sacrebleu!

10:41 - Guess the not-so-inner theater nerds in us are happy, but none of us happier than Anne Hathaway's husband, who I think is going to have a three-way with Amanda Seyfried later tonight.

10:47 - George Clooney is about to give an extremely lucky lady the award for Best Actress - Motion Picture - Drama -- and it's Jessica Chastain! God, could her victory music be any more frightening? I know Zero Dark Thirty was a war movie but jeez.

10:50 - Best Actor - Motion Picture - Drama goes to Daniel Day-Lewis, who will be drinking a whole lot of milkshakes later tonight, amirite?

10:52 - Surprise, surprise -- something Lincoln-related runs long.

10:55 - Best thing I've seen on Tumblr all night.

10:57 - God, NBC, just give away the entire upcoming episode of Parenthood in these promos, why don't you?

10:58 - And now, Best Motion Picture - Drama: Argo! I have never been so pleased with the Golden Globes in my life. The bags under my eyes are about as bad as Grant Heslov's, but still: yay!

11:00 - And that's a wrap. A little underwhelming at the very end and I think we all have the flu now, but right on time and ZERO Modern Family wins! God bless us, every one!

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