Good as Gold

by TWoP Staff January 11, 2009
Golden Globes 2009: Live Blog 8:20 Eva and Simon are back, presenting the girl version of the previous award. Eileen Atkins (for some British thing called Cranston), Laura Dern (who was amazing in Recount), Melissa George (is the DEVIL! In Treatment), Rachel Griffiths (Brothers & Sisters), Dianne Wiest (In Treatment, FTW). Whoa! Laura Dern actually won! That's awesome, she totally deserves it. Aww, she was Miss Golden Globe in 1982. Hang in there, Rumer! Dern looks very nice and is also gracious. Her hair is a little weird, but I'm in support of the egregious back comb, so I'm going to back off her. Also I like her and her performance in Recount. She's done. Denis Leary is smiling. Commercial time. We've been spared the He's Just Not That Into trailer this time, thank god.

8:24 And now we're treated to the "upcoming star of Hotel for Dogs," Don Cheadle. Wow. There's promoting your new movie and then there's reducing Don Cheadle to "the upcoming star of Hotel for Dogs," you know? He is presenting the highlights from Burn After Reading. And making jokes about how the Coen Brothers have never hired him. Which is weird, I have to admit, because he's been in every movie ever made in the past decade. Oh shit! He just made a jab at Brad Pitt! It's like that, Cheadle? I guess Hotel for Dogs can really change a man.

8:28 Now Eva Mendes is announcing the President of the HFPA because they are both Cuban-Americans. OK. He is promising not to be boring, and would like everyone to have a good time, and exits. That, my friends, was mercifully short. I think I'm in love.

8:28 What's Cheech Marin doing here?

8:29 Barely legal alert - Hayden Panettiere and Zac Efron are here to announce Best Actor in a Television Series - Drama: Michael C. Hall for Dexter, Jon Hamm for Mad Men (squeee), Hugh "Better Not Win Again" Laurie for House, Jonathan Rhys Meyers for Tudors and Gabriel Byrne for In Treatment. NOOOOOOOOOOOO. Gabriel Byrne? He's not even there! Jon Hamm got his hair all undorky just for this event.

8:30: Chris Pine and Zach Pinto from Star Trek are announcing Best Actress in a TV Drama Series. Sally "Gidget" Field for Brothers and Sisters, January Jones from Mad Men, Anna Paquin from True Blood, Kyra "Confeyuss" Sedgwick and Mariska Hargitay for Law & Order: SVU, who much as I love her, better not effing win. Anna wins! Sex! Totally deserved. Blood and sex wins every time fools. January Jones is way too sterile. No joke. Side Note: Dear Anna, please fix your teeth and indeterminate accent. Hold up, did she forget to thank Alan Ball, or am I just drunk?

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