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When You Were A Fever

"Dan, don't. I want to talk." And this part, I don't blame him for: "Then talk!" She stares at him, says nothing, ashamed and afraid, backing down from it. Vanessa, feeling the usual tension, starts to go, and Dan tells her to wait, and goes to catch up. Seeing her chance, Georgina pretends to run back into the locked coffeeshop to grab something, but instead hovers on the stoop, clearly visible, and waits for Dan and Vanessa to start off down the street. The way this looks is totally scary and crazy, like earlier when Serena tried to put the thing in the book.

"Well," Georgina says, strolling back toward her: "I had fun. How about you?" Serena is mystified by the crazy, but Georgina's about to explain it to her. She won't hear it, but it's there. "What do you want from me?" Serena says, and Georgina goes, "I want things to go back to how they were before that night, before things got so screwed up."

I mean, I tend to take Georgina at face value because this show is realistic about how people are, and realistic about how they act when they're putting on an act, but there it is: I want things to go back to how they were before that night. I want things to go back to before things/I got so screwed up. Something broke that night. She left a piece of herself there on the other side, and she knows Serena can help her find it again, because Serena lights the darkness up. She needs Serena, because she's the missing good part, just like Georgina's the missing bad part. They're both incomplete, but only Serena can solve this equation for them both. "We were such good friends, and now we can be again!" But you only ever had her when you were a fever.

"Why would I want to be friends with somebody who blackmails me? Who outs my little brother at the dinner table?" Georgina admits that was an honest mistake: "I would never hurt him." That's how far down it goes, she's asking: Can you believe that there are things I won't do? Will you tell me that there are lines I won't cross? Will you tell me I'm capable of getting better, of knitting myself back together?


"No. I don't believe you. I don't believe you about Eric, about anything."

Okay, then. It's like a switch that flips: okay, fine. There are lines I'll cross. Fucking watch me. Maybe you we're right all along, and the feeling I have, that I'm unfixable, maybe that's right too. But you're my last shot, and no matter how I try to get you under control, to get you to burn with me, you just make it hurt more. So you want to be good and you want to be right? I'll show you how fucking right you are.

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