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When You Were A Fever

"Maybe you're right. Maybe I did it on purpose." She laughs, fakely, like a little girl trying to convince you she's a witch. "Because I can. Because I know things about you, about your family, about your boyfriend..." She leans in close, letting the fever burn: "...And I know them before you do." It feels good. "Oh, look! Cab." She hails the taxi for Serena, and looks at her through hooded eyes, on fire: "You get home safe."

And Serena stares, afraid and trapped, as Sarah runs off back toward her new best friends.

"Another way the truth comes out? When you don't even mean it to."

Rufus notes Dan's Scrabble words: angry, change (possibly chains or even chained), trust, and girl. Oh, Dan. "Something you wanna talk about?" Not really: "Who'da thought Scrabble could be so therapeutic? That last one was a triple word score..." The loft door opens, and the boys look up.

"...Or when, without saying a word, it's still loud and clear."

Jenny takes five steps toward her bedroom, still wearing her dress, beautiful hair still holding up really well, and then turns, looking at the floor. "Dad? ... Do you think it'd be okay if I joined you?" He looks at her a while, and smiles. "You know there's always room for you here." Cutting the tension, Dan says Rufus could use her help. She sits down beside Rufus, and leans her forehead against his shoulder. She starts to cry, pushing against him until he puts his arm around her, curling into him, sobbing hard: "Dad, I'm sorry. I'm sorry about everything."

"But the worst thing the truth can do? Is when you finally tell it, it doesn't set you free... but locks you away forever."

S wanders into the Waldorf house, looking busted. B comes out in her totally glamorous negligee, trying to focus. Serena's voice breaks: "Blair?" Blair's like, "It's late, what the fuck?" But once she sees Serena's face, she jumps into hyperBlair mode, touching her, begging her to talk. "Oh my God, what happened? What's wrong? Talk to me." She says she can't, she's not as strong as Eric, and Blair repeats: of course she can. "No. No B, this is the one thing I can't tell you. I can't tell anyone." But Blair is hardly "anyone," especially when it's Serena: "I'm me. You can tell me anything." Nope, still can't.

Serena sits on the staircase and shivers. "Because then that'd make you a part of it, and you can't be a part of this." Which is true, on all cylinders: this fever, that's what Blair saves you from. She'll never be a part of this. We thought she was evil, fucked up, a mean girl, when we met her. She's none of those. She's a girl who lives by rules, and requires that everybody else live by them too. But she's no part of this: this is about places where there are no rules, and those places Blair barely knows about.

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