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Hung Up On Somebody That You Used


This song makes me sad because it tells a very true story about how sometimes you have to be strong and let the other person go and just be the bad guy. Just Henderson the Harry out of somebody's ass, sometimes. And sometimes you have to make that decision against everything your heart and your body is telling you, and maybe you have to explain over and over to people why you made the right choice and broke things in the correct way for everybody concerned, and probably still come off looking real sketchy. And when you make that call, sometimes it can feel like you have broken an apparatus inside yourself that won't be fixed. Ever, possibly.

And I guess by this song I mean, from a weird angle, Chuck's story this season has been helping me deal with that. I wouldn't have talked about that at the time it was being very real, but that was last week, so now I can say that: Sometimes boys and Blairs don't recognize an exit interview for what it is -- which is just good sense -- and then maybe a year later you run into them and have to have the whole conversation all over again, but be even more the bad guy, like let them yell at you and flail hands all around, kiss you goodbye and say you broke their heart and then walk out on you, just so they feel like they're the rejecting one and not only the rejected one, because you don't want the person to feel like that.

Sometimes that can happen, sometimes at a play or sometimes at a gay bar where you weren't expecting it at all. This does not feel really great, probably. And then maybe you end up doing all the drugs, and show up on your friend's Internet TV show acting a mess, and but you know that you followed through and did the right thing. (Or if you are Chuck, probably the solution is dick all over the place and some masks and God knows what.) It is a cold comfort, but you are a rational chap and probably you factored that in mostly. Or maybe your recaps got a little weird in places, maybe that.

And so but when this thing does happen, this is a song that is a nice thing to feel sad with, even though what you have done ensures karmically that you will be seeing this person everywhere you fucking go from now on, it is a good song for that. It is also very pretty.

Gossip Girl, still somehow maintaining: "Loyal readers, I'd like to apologize to all of you for the awful and embarrassing breach of security that happened tonight..."

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