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He says a bunch more vague clichés and things that I don't really understand but seem to be totally on Juliet's wavelength, and she pronounces him either highly enlightened or deeply chauvinistic. The answer is stoned. It is always stoned. He flirts Juliet almost over to his table, but she has to go to Eleanor's FNO luncheon (we don't know this yet) and just so you fall in love with her, if the Katie Cassidy part didn't do it, when Nate asks for her number she goes, "What, it's not in your friend's little black book?" Them's some good meet-cute right there. I hope she is a paid assassin.

I waited for you outside/ Meanwhile you forgot me

At your door, I can see myself/ Flowers in hand

Pretty clever, but about par for this show. This is the song that is playing, translated shittily by yours truly, while Blair stares at that one Manet painting. Yes, you do know the one. Déjeuner sur l'Herbe, 1863: The two guys, one in a funny hat, and the big naked lady staring out at you while another lady does something in the stream behind them. It's very famous and has a lot of history, maybe you should look it up. Look at it for awhile. I like how her clothes are just in a pile.

What is interesting here is that the lady on the left had the body of his wife and the head of his muse, while what matters is that the lady in the water is, in terms of perspective, too large and so she floats above them in a weird way, once you notice it. The other thing critics usually go after is how fake the whole thing looks, because of the quality of light and the way the shadows work, like it's somehow the same time in Paris and Manhattan. It's about the woman looking out at you.

This guy Louis walks up to Blair, who has framed herself this way every day in front of this painting, today wearing a beautiful orange number, and they flirt for a bit. He's very excited to find an American who loves Manet, because that is just so fucking rare. Blair bitches at him about assuming she's American and he points out that she still stupidly has her watch set to EST. Probably it just broke when Chuck fucked Jenny, like Miss Havisham. He asks her to dinner, which is technically what she said she wanted, and then his driver comes running up to call him a Grimaldi and take him to the embassy, which turns her around from just wanting like a nice date with -- to be fair, one of the hottest guys they've had on this show -- to wanting to be the next Princess Grace.

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