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Agnes Troublé!

"Scampering about in a slip is one way to shed old skin. But will embracing free love be as easy as flinging off a pair of Fendi flats?" They kick off their shoes and run through the forest like the total queers they are, and GG tosses one more shoehorned-in, stupid Neil Simon reference just for the motherfucking pleasure of it: "Looks like someone's going barefoot in the park..." I'll go barefoot upside your melon if you don't pull it together next week, lady.

In which: Lily once again takes up for Little J, things "heat" "up" with S and A, and the Captain returns for N, causing predictable jealous girlfriend meltdowns from V and C. I can't believe it's Thanksgiving again already! So much can happen in a year, just think about where you were when Blair ate that pie! I'm like a totally different dude! Anyway, don't dwell on it. You know I love you. XOXO.

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