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One Week Of Danger

Lily sits across from her son in a lovely red gown, begging him as usual for the actual reality of the situation: "Eric, my darling, you are always honest with me. It isn't true, is it?" Eric's the ambassador again. "I know Serena's timing sucked, but she did pretty much raise me all those years..." Lily rolls her eyes, but she asked for it. "You just weren't here, you know?" She protests but she knows it's coming: "Our ringtone for you was 'Since U Been Gone.' Vanya the doorman used to sign our permission slips from school..." Lily protests weakly that she had a lot going on, but did her best -- just like now. And you can't entirely discount that, because again: there was a very specific, very sad moment when she chose this life and family over Rufus, because she thought she was going the right thing for everybody. "Yeah, but now it's like you want us to go from zero to Brady in sixty seconds. We're not there yet." Lily sits back but he's right. "You don't become a family just by telling people you are. You become a family because you want to be one."

Dan is sitting with his dad, sucking on a bent popsicle. Why? I guess they're getting rid of them for winter -- or so Jenny will start eating again -- but it's totally weird. Rufus asks Dan about his continuing emotional turmoil, and Dan's honest: "I tried to help him, and then he bailed. So, you know, if he doesn't want my help, then that's... that's fine." Rufus, taking a leaf as usual lately from the Abrams playbook, tells him that being a friend means giving someone something they need even when they can't ask for it, but also means not giving up on them when they say "no thank you." Dan protests that he didn't do that, but knows that Rufus is just going to tell him to hound Nate to the ends of the earth. "He wants to be alone, it's his choice. Good luck to him." And I mean, he sounds honestly really broken up about it. Dan is a helper, and his heart is breaking because he doesn't understand how far pride takes people yet. I kind of love him right now because he will not let this go, but instead of coming from a somewhat yucky place like with Serena, he's just ... stuck and cares about the kid, and doesn't know what to do. It's sort of amazing. "Well, from what you told me, this thing is pretty intense. I don't know if he has anyone else in his life looking out for him right now. You really wanna be his friend, you need to be that person." Lonelyboy just stares, amazed that his dad has let his full stalkerism off the chain.

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