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One Week Of Danger

"Sometimes it takes what's broken becoming whole again..." Dan triumphantly brings Nate home and the Humphreys go into action mode, scattering to set him up on the couch and bring him ice cream and climb all over him like a basket of puppies. "Sometimes it takes opening up to new people and letting them in..." Rufus threatens to fetch the Songs Of The Eighties Fakebook and, taking in Nate's total gayness, offers to start with Wham!, then remembers to formally invite Nate to be a part of their family. Nate goes from alien-pretty to just about perfect for a second, smiling back, relived and grateful and ready to stop running and just be okay for a second.

And what about our Sebastian and Katherine? "Sea Out" starts to play, by your new favorite band Guillemots, aka Fyfe Dangerfield My Boyfriend Of All Time, and if you know the song you know it's going to be a bloodbath: "Marbella's on the run in her eastern overcoat/ used to wear a lightbulb dressing gown/ Turn it on, then tear it down before we went to sleep.../ Marbella up and left, a tuba in a treble clef/ Couldn't walk, she wouldn't cry/ Dreaming was their only time/ Dreams are half asleep/ When they go sing out, sea out, sea out, sing out, sing out now..."

Blair rests in a fantasy, surrounded by candles, wearing the loveliest night gear in a shade that matches her dress and his suit. "But most times, it takes just one person who is truly afraid to show what they feel getting an opportunity they never thought possible..."

Blair's voice is both horny and real: "What took you so long?" Chuck tells her she doesn't know from long, and she smiles. She's afraid, because this is just like admitting it for her. No drinks, no burlesque: just a girl, waiting for her lover, afraid of what he means and when he'll break her heart again. He takes off his jacket and she reaches up, pulling him down into a kiss. It gets all weird with these pauses and moans and I really don't know what they're going for this time, so I can't comment, but it's fucked up and not very sexy.

Marbella is my guest, I treat her just like all the rest/ Whisper fairytales of Neverland/ Throw the pennies in her hand/ Stroke her hair and tell her I've been cheating/ Sing out, sing out, sing out, sing out, sing out now

Chuck leans down, finally, and opens his eyes. "Say it." The last gauntlet. It's a magic spell: the first one to say it loses everything.

"Say what? I'll say anything," she says, mirroring his automatic reply from the beginning of the game. But he pulls back: "Say those three words you wanted me to say. Eight letters. Three syllables. Say them and I'm yours." Blair shakes her head, getting pissed. "But I'm already yours, and you're ruining the mood with all this ... talk." He points out she wanted it from him, back in the Hamptons, and it's kind of sad when she admits she's ready to settle. She's been hurt recently; she's believed in love and gotten burned. He pulls back, on fire, and her eyes go soft and sad: maybe he's not ready to settle after all.

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