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One Week Of Danger

Three little words. Say them and I'm yours. They always mean it, it's just the next part they can't do. They don't know they're already saying it, over and over and over.

"Chuck Bass. I... Will never say those words to you."

"Then you will never have me."

He stands up and puts on his jacket, and she starts to equivocate: is this a Vanessa thing? That was nothing, that was just a game so they could meet, here, when it was done. Without risking anything. Without taking off a single garment they couldn't put back on again. If you ever tried to read Wuthering Heights maybe you got tired of the fucked up way the poor people talk, but if you soldier through you know this is the oldest story of all: I am the Grange and you are the Heights, and you must never own me, no matter if it tears my soul and body apart in the process.

"Maybe I want to raise the stakes. Are you ready to play that game? I chased you for long enough. Now it's time you chased me." And he... leaves. Dang. I think either this is very melodramatic, or just about the worst thing to see happen again. Until you have had this conversation, until you've been on the edge of that knife, too proud to give in and too far in love to walk away, you don't know what naked is. Love is teeth at your throat, every single time, or else it's not love; it's a song that gets caught in your throat, because it is too loud and too big. It's a song and a promise so loud that you know if you ever sang it out, the whole world would shatter.

So a washed up carnival has just reduced me to my bones/ I never did the washing up/
I loved the stains on every cup/ They were the only hint I had/ I used to color in the holes/ Now I leave them blank/
Now it's only spaces I have cause to thank/ Sing out, sing out, sing out, sing out, sing out now.

XOXO. I mean it this time.


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