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Lola: "All good points. But then I think, what if my dad doesn't even know I'm alive?"
Wm vdW: "I bet he does, but he just doesn't care."
Lola: "That's a nice thought, thanks. Well, it's been good talking to you, strange man of many vocations."


Serena: "Hey, Nate. Why so glum? You look like an angry bike mechanic who dropped out and can't pay his child support. Or film star Cam Gigandet."
Nate: "You sent Gossip Girl privileged information."
Serena: "Yeah, to save my family."
Nate: "By undercutting our exclusive access. Which blew our chances with that investor."
Serena: "But the 'society pages'!"
Nate: "You don't get it, dame. You're outta here. Persona non grata."
Serena: "Just because I scooped you like one time? It never even would have happened if you hadn't stolen that story from me in the first place -- I could have just put the bribe stuff in there, and neither of these terrible things would have occurred."
Nate: "Be that as it may, you're fired. The way things fell out proves I was right to mistrust you in the first place. Get your things."
Serena: "Fine. Sorry I ruined your pretend magazine again. I'm going to go sulk, and be Gossip Girl full-time. At least I have that to fall back on."


Lily: "What if she pulls an Anna Nicole and takes this to the Supreme Court? We'll be homeless forever!"
Rufus: "We have a home. You're standing in it."
Lily: "No, I mean like a real house. Where people live."
Rufus: "Apparently we've forgotten our California, indie-rock groupie days. Apparently we are accustomed to the finer things. I mean, it took me a while to get used to living in a palace, on your dime, but somehow I..."
Lily: "Yeah, that was quite an adjustment. I mean, I can't even make tea without fucking fireballs shooting out the..."


Lily: "Maybe it's the smell of singed eyebrows, maybe it's the fact that I am still completely hammered, but for a second I am going to stop bitching at you like the entitled princess I have become."
Rufus: "We're laughing! It's romantic! This is not hysterical laughter at all!"


Ivy: "Let me eat cake! That's my little joke, because I'm sitting here all alone, eating cake and thinking about my frozen assets."

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