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I cracked up for like an hour. I still don't know why, but that tickles me even days later.

Investor: "Serena, is it true that Ivy Dickens inherited everything from your grandmother Celia Rhodes? As has been reported everywhere, especially the 'society pages'?"
Serena: "I could tell you more, but you have to invest in our media concern of mainly journalism."
Investor: "You betcha!"

Nate: "Good work, lady. Your exclusive in with [every storyline usually] and the 'society pages' seems to have really put stars and money signs in that guy's eye. Hey, is that the first Gossip Girl post in a month?"
Serena: "Yeah, it took that long for me to get the laptop, even though it was last shown being hand-delivered by a courier."
Nate: "I can't wait to see what it says! I hope she didn't scoop us again, that old so-and-so."
Serena: "I haven't sit SEND or PUBLISH or whatever yet, but you should be getting the blast momentarily. Spoiler alert, it's about this party Ivy Dickens is throwing at my old house. To which my mother and I have been invited."
Nate: "A party? But my girlfriend Lola is the only caterer in New York City, so she'll probably be working! With whom shall I attend?"

Serena has neat bronze nail polish, bad ideas and a canary feather sticking out of her mouth. I guess because the blast was a little bitchy so she feels like a secret bad-ass. Or maybe it's because she used a computer correctly for the first and last time in her entire life.


Lola: "Man, where is that sketchy guy who offered to be my older friend?"

She sees him escorting Ivy into the building, and ducks behind a bellhop's rack to overhear...

Ivy: "...So thank you for your shady help with Lily and the Rhodes Women..."
Wm vdW: "Just give me a check. Of money."
Ivy: "...And I will write you that check when Serena and Lily show up at my house. Not a second before."

Lola, stealing away: "That girl is just nonstop schemes all the time."

It makes me miss Juliet, because at least Juliet was actually scheming her nonstop schemes nonstop. With Ivy, it's like this slapstick thing where even just the simple act of mailing a letter, or taking a yoga class, will somehow turn into her putting a hit on a Congressman or selling babies on the black market.


Chuck looks, I'll say it, beautiful. Fantastic all episode.

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