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At this point Georgina throws herself on the mercy of the court, explaining in literal language that she is nothing but a walking plot device whose motivation for doing these things was to create shipper dynamics and foment drama and pretty much nothing that an actual person would ever think, feel or say, but that's been true of her for four seasons now so it's not prohibitively obnoxious to hear her say the words aloud.

It used to be nice about this show that, in a given scene, all the people were real. You knew where Jenny was coming from, but you also knew where Rufus was coming from. It was never Blair-the-Bitch or Dan-the-Loser, but both. Even Vanessa was a fully realized individual; even Nate was often more than a prop. And I think one of the things that drives people nuts about the show now is that that's no longer necessarily true.

The aesthetic has lost that sophistication, and become one where there's one real person in every scene, sometimes two if you're lucky, but mostly it's just characters as sounding boards and props for whatever story's being told. For a lot of viewers maybe that's not a huge difference -- Rufus was always an oppressive hypocrite, or Jenny was a whining bitch no matter what the story was about -- but it does have a huge impact on the overall tone of the show, and this is a perfect example:

You have a walking plot device explaining baldly that she is a walking plot device while in the midst of causing drama for no other reason than to do so, and that's supposed to fulfill the same narrative scope and emotional complexity of, say, the first Georgina storyline? No. It's campy, it's the sign of a show in decline, and it's not even that clever. Certainly not so very much as to justify its innate tackiness. It's a Supernatural move, I guess is a good way to say it. And this is probably the best episode of the past two seasons, in an ongoing stretch of really good work -- so trust me when I say it's not that big a deal -- but it is pretty emblematic of the reasons that might lie behind some of the more vociferous complaints.

Anyway, Georgina calls him a pussy sixteen different ways for not kissing Blair, and Blair surprises them in Chuck's bedroom, and then she closes the door behind her so she can give him the necktie back, and force Dan to tell her one more time that this isn't a setup that's going to humiliate Serena by overstating his interest in her. Since that's exactly what's going on, and they both know it, things get weird.

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