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Big party! While Damien supplies socialites (Thackery and Moon, are their names) with drugs, Rufus stands idly by while Jonathan brings up two bubbly glasses of champagne for himself and Eric. "Enjoy yourselves, boys! And remember, the bedroom at PRADA is yours for the night!" Eric and Rufus talk about how tough it was on Lily how they all judged her for her behavior, and Eric tells Rufus that his wife is a bitch and Rufus takes off, still confused as to why he is even there. Jonathan is twitchy with desire; Eric immediately runs off to see Damien, I guess... I still have no idea what Eric's doing with Damien. We will never know. Damien is like "What if every joke we ever made about Chuck were actually true?"

The white hot heat of Chuck and Blair. She's at the door, interning, and happy to see him there without a plus one, and he goes, "Knowing you, you'll be editor by May. Your plan's working!" He is, if possible, prouder of her than she is. She blushes and looks down -- "So it seems to be" -- and the air is heavy with meaning and with awesomeness as they stare and stare and think about the future when she has an Empire of her own and they can finally be together. Somewhere Serena gets an itching in her palms and thinks about Dan and then tries to remember what his face looks like.

Ben is, of course, in attendance at the big party. He's there to ask her why Eric is sneaking around the party with Damien Dalgaard, after previously having been on a date to which he was also a witness. S is like, "Eric wouldn't be sneaking around with a drug dealer! Not now that everybody knows drugs hurt me!" They go looking for E and run into Jonathan, who is like, "This date is not going well."

Serena cocks an eyebrow and very subtly asks about the Elliott situation, finally realizing that she knows nothing about Eric currently and he very well could be doing unspeakables with Damien if he's going to be keeping secrets like whether or not his inappropriate sleepovers are still going on. Even though Jonathan already knows that Eric was keeping the breakup a secret -- that in fact this very secret is the reason they got back together for this date -- somehow now is the time for him to throw up his hands in defeat and compare Eric to Jenny Humphrey and run off down the street once again covered in Pinkberry.

Dan tries to get Blair to admit she sandbagged Jay McInerney, but since she didn't he just comes off looking even more weird and judgey than usual. Once Jay shows up -- talking mad asshole language -- Blair figures it out. Epperly takes them to the bar and leave Blair to complain to a passing server, "OMG, I was just poleaxed by a poor person!" The server is, of course, totally sympathetic and doesn't even punch her in the nuts.

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