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Dan gets in Jenny's face about how "this is not who you are," and instead of shooting him in the face, she accuses him of trying to parent. Wish somebody would. He's like, "We are not doing this right now, let's go." Um, no. None of this finger-snapping BS when you don't even know the situation, I don't care if she's in kindergarten. She explains to him in very small words that she is not going home, she is going to continue her night. She assures the others that she's coming, and apologizes that things got "out of hand," which actually they really didn't, but explains that she's fully aware of the scariness of Team Blair, but also, she's well-acquainted with Team Jenny, of which she is a charter member, and she can handle herself and not go crazy just by hanging out with them. This is a tall order but you're allowed to try, I think. "Look, I'll be tucked in bed in a half hour. I promise." Dan: "Family freak-out! Family freak-out! ...Fuck it." Jenny leaves and he offers to walk Eric back to the Center with Serena. Meanwhile, Chuck is tucking Nate into bed, and they are both dressed like firemen for some reason.

And just when you think this very satisfying episode has it all wrapped up, complete with a little memo about how you can fuck with the eagles as long as you remember to land a couple times a week and at least rehydrate, Gossip Girl's like, "Bitches, we got two more acts!" Yes! I love it when there's bonus show on this show! Gossip Girl tosses up the suggestion that Little Jenny, by successfully negotiating Operation Apeshit Amanda and Operation Shut Up Dan, has shown up Miss Blair herself, which is why the game of Truth Or Dare just went extreme. Blair pressures her into the Waldorf Boutique to steal a jacket off a mannequin, knowing that, key or not, she's got about twenty seconds before the alarms go off. By which time Blair and the girls have disappeared, of course, and Jenny's locked inside. She does the totally cute ankle-dip of "oh, hell," and there's another commercial break, during which we get the scenes from next week: "They can hide behind their masks...but they can't hide their true desires." At a masquerade ball, N's true desires seem to involve S, duh, and B's true desires seem to include going completely nuts. Also duh. I'm guessing my true desires will include about sixteen jokes about David Bowie's codpiece, but we'll see.

Rufus cleans up after Lily's dinner, and she starts talking about a photograph of him from the old Lincoln Hawk days. "What? You took that photo? You weren't even at that show!" Because obviously Lily's secret bohemian side includes a genius for photography, because that way she wouldn't get her hands dirty. I love it. "Excuse me, if I remember, the first song was about me, the second one was about your motorcycle, and then there was the one about that surf town." They discuss the surf town dreamily, including "the villa" where they..."yes indeed." Hopefully not applying a segue, Lily's like, "God, I must have taken eight rolls of film that night." They discuss the photography and the terrible choice Lily has made between her art and her hobby of picking up rich husbands, and she mentions the black dress she was wearing that night, and he corrects her, just like she wanted him to. I love these guys! More phone ringing interrupting more sexy times at Chez Humphrey, so Lily heads over to answer it (Rufus: "...And if it's my son, be nice to him") but it's Allison. Lily's eyes bug out of her head, and Allison hangs up on Rufus, who tells Lily not to worry about it even a little bit, because of Alexander Bancroft, who's the cherry on top of the free-pass sundae Rufus is about to devour. Lily vanishes after a sweet goodbye: "Thanks for babysitting me, and thank you for being such a good friend." Aww. They take a long time to get that door open and shut again, too.

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