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Theories Of The Leisure Class

Lily sits on Eric's bed, smiling sweetly. He apologizes, and she tells him she's springing him tonight. "I'm not sure exactly how this is gonna work," she says, but I like that we're moving on with this plot and I hope Eric gets to go back to school soon. I hope they get a house soon too, although all three van der Woodsens in a single Palace suite is pretty funny to think about. Especially in the morning. All that hair. He jumps up and grabs his stuff, and she smiles, but she's obviously terrified.

Jenny comes off the elevator looking totally beautiful, and Blair rouses, smiling at her. Jenny tosses her the keys and Blair grins appraisingly: "Well, well. Looks like you came to play after all." She pats the trundle bed next to her own: "Sleep tight, you've earned it." Jenny thanks her for the invitation, but says she's going home. "It was a blast!" B's affronted; nobody ever leaves a sleepover. "Well, I guess there's firsts for everything. Oh, and I'm keeping the jacket, if that's okay with you." Blair's eyebrows almost knock a hole in the ceiling, but Jenny's not even done: "Monday? Lunch on the steps?" Blair wows and laughs at her, and agrees, and Jenny takes off. Blair falls completely in love with Jenny Humphrey. That was awesome. The camera follows Jenny into the elevator, where she turns around in slo-mo and smiles to herself, almost as scary as Blair for a sec. Gossip Girl gushes: "It was a debut the likes of which haven't been seen since Blair herself." Oh! Love it! I don't love the diva/bitchy/fabulous thing on the merits, like, I don't really get why that's a thing in itself, because it all seems very creepy-mean mommy-anima possession to me. Just because lots of people have a scary mean lady inside them telling them they are worthless does not mean you should ever let that lady out, or that you can think she's the end of the story. But I do love bad-assery, of all kinds, and I think this show does a good job of walking the line.

Gossip Girl takes us back to S and Lonelyboy kissing in the street, very romantic, for a billion years: "If Blair's gotta watch her back, Serena needs to keep an eye on her heart. We hear it may have been stolen by Lonelyboy. Putting out an APB, Gossip Girl." What a simply perfect episode! I've been rating this show so high already, so there's not really anywhere to go, but that was just a very well-constructed episode of television. Nice. Anyway, XOXO. See you next week.

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