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Serena surprises little Jenny Humphrey in the hall at Constance Billard, all, "Hey, girlfriend! What's the haps? What's that 411, princess? What are the cool jams?" She tries to get the info about this mysterious coinage-inspired date but Jenny's not spilling. Looks like this is one Girl that isn't into Gossip today, XOXO. "Can you just give me a hint? Are we going to some secret club to see the best unsigned band in Brooklyn?" Nope. A) Because you already did that, and B) because I'm guessing Dan would inflict Sufjan Stevens on a sister before she even knew what was happening. "Or a guerrilla art exhibit in DUMBO?" No, because: Brooklyn. "Or hey, isn't the New York Film Festival still going on?" Yes, but no, because boys like Dan only talk about movies, they don't have the attention span to actually watch old movies, or they pick and watch one movie from every pretentious filmmaker in existence and pray for a reason to talk about it. But they don't take pretty girls to old movies, because if you're sitting in the dark, a pretty girl is just a girl, who is even more bored than you are. Jenny laughs at her, but Serena makes the valid point that in their world of constant opportunity and chances to embarrass oneself, you have to dress the part. "Well, I'd say jeans and a t-shirt's a safe bet. The Humphrey men do casual Friday every day." Who are these Humphrey Men? Show them to me. And secondly, Jenny, you forgot how Dan's even more of a wannabe than you are. Serena takes this at face value, and then her crazy suicidal brother calls from the booby hatch.

Eric and Jenny say hi via Serena, and he asks if Jenny's given S any details about the date with Lonelyboy, because he hasn't seen any posted on GG.net yet. "All packed?" Yes, he chatters on and on, and we realize that Lily's relaxed her hold on him enough to let him come home for the weekend. No suiciding, though. She's sticking by that one. "I don't think I even remember what a weekend is!" They talk about maybe running into each other, between Eric's homecoming and Serena's date, and because it's this show, that's how you know one or both of them is not happening. S rings off with Eric as she and Jenny approach the Blair Army; B grins wolfishly. In addition to Kati and Isabel, there are also two blonde bitches.

"What was that I heard? Eric's coming home? Perfect timing." S replies the worst way possible ("…?"), and you can see Blair willing her silently to remember the sleepover before she has to remind her: "Well...it gives your mother and brother time to bond...alone...tonight...while you get drunk on schnapps and moon the NYU dorms from the limo?" Serena has no idea. "S, it's only the most important night of the fall?" She finally remembers and feels like a jerk: "...Oh, the sleepover." B prefers the term "soiree," because "sleepover" is so sophomore year, which is to say last year. S begs off: "I have that plan?"

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