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"Serena, when there's a Waldorf soiree, there's nothing else on the social calendar." Serena shakes her head but nothing is very tense, which I like: it's not the declared war of the last four episodes, just a conversation between friends. Albeit one that could spiral into murder and prostitution if somebody doesn't keep an eye on Blair. "Blair, the plan is Dan. Remember? The guy you realized is actually a human being and worthy of your time and attention?" She No Offense/None Takens with Jenny, whose personal jury is still out on Dan's worthiness because I think she's starting to realize that, Serena or not, Dan's social currency is not half of hers at this point. Serena explains, and not for the first time I think, that this date is unbreakable, which means that no matter how you put it, the soiree is not really on a fixed date, which means somebody's being a bijou little amount of dick here. "...Maybe we can swing by later or something?" Blair explains something very simple and, I've found, very useful: "I'm not a stop along the way. I'm a destination." If S doesn't attend, Blair snaps, she'll find a replacement on the waiting list. Which Kati and Isabel produce, of course, immediately. B and S say goodbye sweetly; Blair's disappointed but not in a homicidal way, because she finally trusts Serena again. I think that was my favorite part of this very excellent episode, the way Blair just waves her off and attends to the business at hand: finding a replacement. Jenny Humphreys around awkwardly for a sec, and then Blair realizes she has a way to cause even more chaos than if Serena had come to the party, and that clears up the last little bit of rain cloud over her head, because the only thing Blair loves more than Serena is destruction.

"...Little Jenny Humphrey! Why didn't I think of you before? You have no plans [obviously] -- you're coming to the soiree." Jenny does the who me? ankle-dip of modesty but her eyes are hungry. Kati and Isabel are similarly bewildered. "Thing is, if you come, you'll have to be up to a little more than just sleeping." Jenny says she's up for "anything," but if she's been reading Gossip Girl like she says she has, I'd think she would throw in some caveats. "I'm up for anything but drug smuggling." "I'm up for anything but stabbing cops." "I'm up for anything but surrogate pregnancy." They agree to meet at stately Waldorf Manor at seven, and there's, like, a thunderclap of doom. "Oh, a girl's first sleepover -- something she'll never forget. Let's make sure of it," growls Blair delightedly, and the blondes take bets on how long she lasts, and everybody laughs. Out in the bay, Chuck giggles and doesn't even know why, and Nate's like, "If you don't take this seriously I'm putting my clothes back on."

Ostroff Center, where Lily is backpedaling because she just realized her son has deep mental issues. Eric's point is that the doctor said he could go, they already discussed it, he's packed and everything, but Lily's point is that she is the mommy here. "I don't want to argue about this. I need time to think." She mentions the mountain of paperwork and stuff that they'll have to do to get him out, and Eric complains that she's going to keep him there forever. Lily's point is kind of valid: "If you still think I'm 'keeping you here,' that just proves how not ready you are to come home." She takes off, and Eric is very angry. I'm more concerned about Lily's outfit: a pale yellow linen jacket, giant snake bag, and a dark blue-green complicated satin old lady shirt where the sash around the top of the shirt is made of the shirt. It's all very Blair Waldorf.

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