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Vanessa's sitting alone at a booth in a Greek place in Brooklyn, getting bored, and checks her watch. She finally asks for the check, but Nate comes running in and tells the waitress to wait. "Daylight Savings moved to March," Vanessa says. "Maybe no one told you?" He apologizes, and the waitress offers him coffee, by name. "Thanks, Cora." Vanessa's confused, but Nate explains that he comes here when he visits Brooklyn. Which happens more than she thinks it does, because his Dad's rehab is, for some reason, in Brooklyn. Which is also why he's late. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to..." He points out that it's not a huge secret, his dad's famous breakdown and suicide attempt and failure. She looks down, embarrassed, and he explains that he sometimes has to decompress between visiting the Captain and returning to his awful mother at home. So he comes to the Greek place to rest up, and drink coffee, and ... "Think about how hard it is to know whose side you're supposed to be on? Mom versus Dad, kid in the middle? Confession: I read one of your practice essays. You left it in a book that you gave Dan. And that's why I called you. To apologize." Nate asks why, and lest you think Vanessa has become a completely new person, it's not to apologize for rudely reading what must have been immediately clear was a pretty personal piece of writing. No, Vanessa still doesn't understand personal space, but she does have a minute understanding of her own greatness of spirit: "Because I judged the cover. But now that I've read the book, I figured you were owed some apologetic souvlaki at the very least." He grins at her, and as usual his smile is so bright and lovely that they both start giggling. Well, he giggles. She titters, more like.

S is walking down the street when her phone rings, and after quick breathing exercise, she pastes a fake smile on and answers. "Hey, Georgie! It was good to see you last night. When did you say you were going back to Belgium?" The breeziness of an old friend who enjoyed catching up, and will now be returning to previously established continuity. The girl she chooses to be. "Um, Switzerland, actually. And I'm supposed to leave tomorrow, but I'm not going until I get a chance to make it up to you first." Serena lies, and rolls her eyes at herself as she's doing it: "Oh, nothing to make up! I had fun." G is self-effacing and epiphanic: "Until after you left, I don't think I really heard what you were saying. I didn't get it. You've really changed." S agrees with that. "I don't mean to sound corny, But... It's a real inspiration to me." Serena's as surprised as we are, but I don't think G's lying. I think G's got two girls inside her, too, so what was at first a dark mirror and temptation gets more interesting: Georgina is what happens if you can't come up with New Serena, if you don't have the strength and wisdom enough to really make the jump. Which makes her scarier as a story element, and much more desperate as a character, and much trickier to deal with. I think in order to get G, we're going to have to agree that everything she ever says is true. Maybe not the whole truth, but the truth of at least one of the girls she can be.

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