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"I mean, look. I've always thought that I am who I'm going to be for the rest of my life. And even those times when I ... maybe don't like myself, well... You can't decide to be somebody else." And this thread of truth, the sad sincerity behind the bared fangs and viper twists, comes across the line loud and clear, and Serena's sad for her, but just as desperate to help. "No, you can..." Not in a starry-eyed rainbow way, not as something to hope for, but something that's possible if you're willing to bleed for it. Like standing on the tarmac with Blair before the break, promising that she would return and become queen again. She knows you can change your life, because she has done it, and if she can be good enough and strong enough and fast enough, if she can care enough, she can help Georgina come back, too. And then there won't be anything left of Old Serena at all, and that little thought in the back of her head, that Old Serena's just waiting for her chance to come back and spoil everything again, and take away Dan and all that sunshine, that'll be gone too. If she can save Georgina, there won't be any question at all about Serena.

Which means Serena is going to ride this particular boat into the rapids as fast as she can, and never let go, because it's her last and best shot at peace. And the really scary thing is, Georgina knows that, and has just said the magic words, so now in this chess game that Serena's playing with herself, New Serena's gotta carry Old Serena and Georgina, both, on her back, all the way across the field, through enemy territory, so everybody can get out alive. Either way Georgina wins: if she drowns, they both drown, but if New Serena's as strong as they both hope, then they'll both reach the other side. Georgina's going to do some weak shit in a bit, and we'll see she's afraid to choose the stronger choice, but at this moment in time I believe every word, and so does she. And so does S.

"Yeah, listen, let's have dinner. I mean, I want to hear about your life. And if you can change, maybe there's hope for me, too." She's holding a big old glass of vodka as she says this, but all through the scene she doesn't take a drink, and that's why I believe her. It would have been easy as hell to have her choke some of that down mid-sentence, and we'd know what kind of story this is. But I don't think that's the intention: I think G's trying to make a choice, and knowing that either way it goes, she needs Serena. Who protests that she's got the SATs in the morning, and can't do dinner and catching up part two. "It'll just be an hour. We can time it. I promise. The hardest drug on the table will be... Perrier." She shrugs at the glass in her hand, and as the camera whirls around Serena, Gossip Girl explains that New Serena's not as sound as either of them think.

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