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Dan brings up the redhead, and she's confused; he thinks she's playing dumb. These are his nightmares coming true, too. And the irony, think about it, of her trying to keep G and Lonelyboy apart, so that he won't think she's a whore -- is resulting in making him think she's a whore. This is what happens when you button up, when you apologize so often and so loudly for your life that you start making compromises and lying about lies and compromises you never even made. "Chuck, what did you do? I told you to keep the doors open. When I got there, they were closed." Chuck goes, "Yeah, they don't keep the doors open. I was thinking on my feet, just trying to help." He is wearing, by the way, a purple sweater over a crazy-color paneled polka dot shirt, and looks awesome. Dan touches her face, tries to get at her eyes: "I'm not mad, okay, I'm just worried. I've been so worried about you. Please, help me understand what's going on here." He's perfect sometimes; in a perfect world he would be perfect. She wants it to work, she wants the pieces to fit, she wants this perfect answer to also be the correct one, and it's not: she can't fess up, she can't let him take this burden, she can't get it on him. It breaks her heart, but she's stuck in a box: "Can we talk tomorrow? I'll call you. I'm sorry." She begs him, with her eyes, but he finally sighs: "I'm sorry, too." Chuck stands behind her, hand on the door, and Dan steps back after a moment and leaves.

"Chuck, you went too far," she says, still shaking. "...And so did you, Sis. Look, I feel foolish for admitting it but obviously I've come late to this party." She asks for an English translation, and we learn there are things even the Black Knight can't know. Things Serena can't allow to be said aloud, even in 1812 where there are no rules at all. "What's Georgina got on you?" Her eyes go hard for a moment. "Dan I understand, but what's so bad you can't even tell me?" He thinks she's being silly, he thinks she doesn't know how deep he goes, how welcoming the dissolution, how much fun it is to be Chuck Bass, but it's not that: there are things even the Black Knight can't handle. Her eyes are dead when she turns to him, and walks past him into 1812 without a word.

There's a knock at Georgina's door, and she opens it slowly: "Oh hi, sweetie. Let me just, uh, call some room service..." Maybe the SATs did it, maybe that's all it takes to get S back again. Maybe if she believed in herself a bit less she'd need Georgina more. She lingers in the hallway, fists clenched. "I don't want you to ever contact me again." G laughs, but her eyes are brittle: "Just because of a few nights of harmless fun?" Serena shakes her head: "It wasn't fun waking up and not knowing where I was, it wasn't fun missing the SATs, and it definitely wasn't fun lying to Dan." G steps it up a bit, fronting forward: "And this is all my fault because...?" But New Serena knows better, and explains herself even knowing G's too far gone to understand the difference: "My fault. Because I make huge mistakes when I'm with you."

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