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"She really needs to tone down on the social niceties," Chuck says as he sits beside Serena. "It's embarrassing." S says he's eventually going to have to work out his issues with B, but from where he's sitting, he's issue-free. As is Serena, because the mysterious G, Georgina Sparks, is nowhere near the "fair isle," of Manhattan. "She's in Switzerland, dating the prince of Belfort." Serena's giddy about the near miss, and Chuck suggests it's an opportunity to enjoy the gifts of G with peace of mind ... "And maybe Chuck in the room?" She pushes his face away, giggling, and reminds him they're brother and sister now. He ruminates for a moment. "Georgie always brought out the devil in you. Part of me is a little disappointed she's not here." S is like, "Yeah, the dick part of you," but Chuck admits to missing Old Serena.

Which is key to this whole episode, because the further S slips this week, the more she depends on Chuck. And I don't think it's that they're suddenly friends, I think it's more about the fact that before she left, Chuck was a huge part of her life and possibly the only person that could keep up with her, and the reason we haven't seen them together much before now is that she had drama and he had drama, and she and Blair have A stories every week basically, so when would they spend time together? But also that coming back, she made a concerted effort to avoid that part of her life, which meant avoiding Chuck and the associations he evokes. Which is even more interesting if you think about the last fourteen episodes and the ways they have interacted, because that means he had all of the Blair issues with her disappearance, plus the fact that he was too dirty for her to deal with when she came back sparkly and new. So now Chuck's resentment of Dan, which looked originally like Mean Rich Guy high school shit, has this extra flavor of Dan being a symptom of Serena's rejection of Chuck.

So if you trace the whole story back to this point, and Chuck's newfound obsession with family and being a man and being a good brother and wanting to connect with Serena, his shit last week and this week makes so much more sense. I think we assumed that Blair was implicated in Bad Serena behavior, but B has always been what she is: an anal-retentive control freak who wants to control the school and to excel in everything. The first time we saw her get truly drunk, she cashed in her V card. You know what I mean? I think we're going to find Bad Serena has less to do with Blair -- beyond covering for her ass, as we saw at Thanksgiving -- and more to do with G and Chuck and the things they would get up to. And then there's poor Blair and Nate sitting at home being beautiful nerds while Serena was out blowing shit up. I think the show avoided Bad Serena and the reasons for her leaving so well that we forgot there were questions, so I'm really interested in going back and filling in the blanks, and so far my favorite part of it is this whole thing where Chuck is a fixer and dependable in certain ways, and the only reason you don't automatically go to him is not just because of the raping possibility, but that depending on him is a habit. So once S feels herself slipping, Chuck is the only person she can possibly go to, because he understands that world, and he can be a friend to S whether she's Good or Bad, while the propaganda of Good Serena means -- until today -- he's the enemy. And I mean, if you've ever been Bad and tried to go Good, this whole bit between S and Chuck will make total sense.

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