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Nate literally stops breathing.

Nate: "Wait. Say that again."
Lola: "I just..."
Nate: "Not you! Hush! Me. I just said... Why does that name sound so familiar? Jack Bass. Jack Bass. Jack Bass... Got it. Can I ignore you now, before I think more thoughts?"
Lola: "Uh, yeah. Good talk?"
Nate: "I enjoy being here for you."


Blair: "So what's really highbrow is, I thought I would let FIT create a gallery of my castoff accessories, to tell the story of some person barely out of her teens who has made quite the hash of her life."
FIT Hottie: "Um, that does not interest us."
Dorota: "Then I have you beaten. No, I send you back Stephanie Pratt, on full scholarship."
Blair: "Down, Dorota. I can't imagine why I thought this would work."
Dorota: "Is because you self-absorbed and find self infinitely fascinating, so why not everybody do same thing?"
Blair: "Enough. Plan B."

Dan: "What's going on? What's with all this crap piled around the place?"
Blair: "Certainly not jealous of the respect you're getting. Any news on that front?"
Dan: "Funny you just said that. I've been named something by the Young Lions society of people who read things for free, and I want you to squire me to the latest cocktail party thrown in my personal honor."
Blair: "God damn it. I mean, of course."
Dorota: "This bitch gonna pull the tablecloth down with her this time."


Serena: "Hey, is Lola here? Ever since I tried multiple times to destroy her already unstable life, she's not picking up the phone."
Nate: "Yeah, she's just been busy finding out you're her sister."

It is amazing how efficiently he does this.

Serena: "Do what?"
Nate: "Annnnnnyway, I got a lot on my desk today. Not work, really, so much as stalking Chuck's various moms."
Serena: "I said fuckin' what?"


Dan: "I should joke about exploiting my friends at this party, right?"
Rufus: "Please take me. I've been playing this guitar for weeks now and I'm starting to annoy even myself."
Dan: "Level with me. Why do you really want to spend time with me? I'm insufferable! Is it because you miss being on somebody's arm?"
Rufus: "Essentially! Also, I don't want to go to Fake Dinner."

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