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And I mean, the thing about Blair was always that the pressure came from inside: She couldn't see how hard she was making things for herself, because she was trying so hard to fix them. This is all external pressure and logistics, which it occurs to me has been one of the problems since Paris: going to the airport without your passport-type stuff. Coffee-juggling intern stuff. Handing out binders to her minions was once a punchline, not the plotline: The pressure she's under has been steadily externalized. Either way we're watching Leighton Meester stress out, so I can get why the difference is elusive, but one of them makes her look cartoonish and idiotic, and the other makes her look human.


Serena: "Have you seen this girl, brunching? I am trying to mentor her!"
Waiter: "You just missed her, but she said you'd take care of the check."
Serena: "She told you 'a person' might show up at 'some point' and pay this bill, and you said that was cool? Good thing I wandered in here, you have no idea what a close call that was."

Just kidding, she's like, "That girl is like a clone of me. She thinks just like the Serena we have never actually shown on this television show that is half about that Serena. It's like lookin' in a mirror at a person who might exist."


Doctor: "It seems like you're a crazy person. That's my diagnosis. Lie down and don't get up, and I guess have an IV of fluids to water down your crazy. Don't have murder sex with any rapists you know."
Blair: "But I have to save the fashion!"
Doctor: "Right, that fashion line you haven't invented and didn't show at Fashion Week, that you still think is going to be a hit. Hmm. Perhaps you've been crazier for longer than just today."
Dorota: "She crazy for long haul."


Serena: "You look freshly fucked, where's Sage?"
Nate: "Right? She just disappeared."
Serena: "I looked for her at Barney's! By which I mean, I went to Barney's."
Nate: "You aren't really taking this seriously. You should give it up. She clearly hates you and thinks you're stupid. You're only embarrassing yourself."
Serena: "Her deal is that she wants to wreck my relationship. And she is succeeding, for reasons that are still not clear. And now I'm lying to him that I'm a good stepmother, and I just fuckin' hate her so much, and..."

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